The Sunni-Shi’ite Divide

Behind the Sunni-Shi’ite Divide — Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007 — Page 1 — TIME – to understand the division between Shiite and Sunni – this article in TIME illustrates that it is not a conventional religious struggle but a historical one? Brothers in faith, yes, but is the spirit of humanity as alive in their spiritual leadership as it was in the soul of the young man who dived into the river and saved several Shiite pilgrims from drowning before, he, himself lost his own life (as did about 1000 pilgrims).

Othman al-Obeidi, 25, Sunni – should therefore be remembered and given recognition as an example of brother helping brother. The rift that suicide bombers tear open can not be closed with more bloodshed. It can only be closed by acts of extreme bravery and sacrifice like this one. But one saintly act can be easily undone, as appears the case for Sunni who have since been affected by Shiite militia death squads. In other words one good deed may repair the violence of the past, but it is quickly undone by violence in the future.

To bring peace between Sunni and Shiite may become the way in which this war on terrorism is won, finally. Lobbing morters across suburbs is no way to bring peace.

The Iraq war was mishandled by the US military strategy. For this, George Bush will be remembered as more than just a poor strategist. His priority was blind revenge against Saddam. Finishing the job his father started.

Another way of looking at this is that Sunni extremists were behind 9/11. By returning Iraq political power to the hands of the majority, Shiites – a wound was struck and reignited the ancient fued between Sunni and Shiite. It was not just an illegal war – or a stupid one – it was bound to foment ancient hatreds. You see, the real problem is too much death of young fathers leads to endemic dysfunctionality as their children grow up with weapons and bent on blind revenge.

The Bilderberg Club

Asia Times Online :: Asian News, Business and Economy. – who is pulling the strings behind the Oil Shocks of the 70s and the contemporary ones – the petro-dollar linkage of Saudi oil money and the US economy – the committee that rules the world meets once a year, is very secretive and involves political leaders, bankers and the excessively wealthy seeking to control the value of their assets via the linkage of the price of oil and the US dollar.

In the long term, this arrangement will see the take over of Saudi Arabia by the Americans. That fear could be behind the rationale of al-Qaeda to destabilise the US grip on the world economy.

Moktada al-Sadr

Iraq Rebel Cleric Reins In Militia; Motives at Issue – New York Times
– Moktada al-Sadr is becoming pivotal to the temporary peace in Baghdad that Bush needs to say that his troop increase is working, but is it? By sacking leaders who take orders from Iran al-Sadr is showing a new political agility.

From the American point of view, the acts of al-Sadr are those of a “firebrand” – I think that means that they see him as a rebel and military leader whom others will follow. This leader had inherited his army and commands alligence to his father and from an early age. For the Americans it may seem that he is brash and unpredictable. It seems that he is coping as well as he may, being a young leader who may have not sought a political stand, but finds himself relied upon as a symbol of Shiite power in Iraq.

Could Gore’s road to the Oval Office begin in Hollywood?

Could Gore’s road to the Oval Office begin in Hollywood? – – CNN has been reading Disturbing Trends again. It is of course a logical conclusion. If Al Gore waits until after winning an Oscar, as is a logical conclusion, then the Democratic party will put him in the White House. If he does not win, then forget the Democrats have other aces and sleeves to hide them in – does this now mean that Bush has so damaged the Presidency that Hollywood has more effect on Politics than the other way around? Perhaps not. But it is nice to think that Life does what Art tells it. The last great President the Republicans put into office was a Hollywood actor. This time it is not as if Al Gore has no political experience. Perhaps he will wait until his presidential approval ratings exceed Bush. Hence, if he wins an Oscar…

Iraqi chemical bombs

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Concern over Iraqi chemical bombs – the use of chlorine gas by insurgents is not a sign of WMD – the chlorine is common and used to kill bacteria in the water. The delivery vehicles are being hit with explosive detonations that have an added extra cloud of gas that burns skin and if inhaled just a few breaths can cause death. If chlorine has been an available resource, why it is only now that it is being used to amplify the carnage potential? Probably nobody thought it was feasible to risk the water supply used by the locals and insurgents as the occupying forces most likely have their own water supply. So destroying the chlorine may burn a few more soldiers but it may kill thousands if there is an outbreak of typhoid.

Suicide bombers in Iraq – what are you doing to your Muslims brothers?

9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns

Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | 9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns

George Monbiot explains what is wrong with all those conspiracy theories that are convinced the US Government was involved in 9/11 and who pluck convenient “truths” and “proofs” from their own conviction that things must be that way because it is all so unbelievable.

A wrong answer is simply that. Wrong. A right answer is usually the simple answer. That it was just 19 Islamic extremists driven by Jihad and social memory of the Ottoman days of glory and funding of Osama bin Laden is simpler than a requisite grand orchestration for the sake of public opinion. Bush already did that when he rigged his way into Presidency in the first place. Now, that does not mean that the Bush/Cheney cabal are not involved. But to also involve the army, air force, navy and entire government is complex and therefore unlikely.

The problem is that the conspiracy theorists make genuine opposition to the madness of the Iraq war seem unintelligent. Using the X-Files as a basis of political argument is not going to find the truth out there – this is the real world and the Bush cabal and what is driving it to “keep America great” does have strong and real intentions and these do not benefit the majority of Americans, nor is their “New World Order” beneficial to progress or civilization.

Yes, there are elements of the story that could show Government complicity (mainly by inaction and ruthless politicking against President Clinton) – these truths are useful in convincing its audience that something is wrong. But the Cabal behind the Bush Administration is probably more like what the conspiracists breathlessly fear than the Government that they pretend to be, and it is their authoritarian needs that drove them into the irrational war in Iraq. But to accuse them of creating 9/11 is to cloak the entire Left as nutters.

The truth is the truth. There is no need to dress it up.

See COMMENTS…edited paragraph 1 to change ‘complicit’ to ‘involved’ as comments revealed to me that the argument that ‘Bush/Cheney were complicit in 9/11’ seems likely, but shed doubt on ‘US Government involvement’. Wow – did I buy it from those who reject George Monbiot.

House rebukes the president on Iraq

A good telling off should put Mr Bush back into line with the rest of the world. He has had too much nodding and the deadly smiles of the likes of Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney’s rippling grimness. His cabal of approval has been broken. How he has to contend with a Democrat Congress.

Mr Bush has to listen to the people’s elected representatives who are now telling him to pull his horns in. His view is becoming the isolated minority but can the Democrats produce a cohesive plan or do they want the voters to decide what that will be. Here is a range of candidates defined by their Iraq strategy.

This way of ranking candidates is not valid. Remember there is no valid logic behind the war and if one could consider that Bush may have run again anyway in 2004, if Al Gore had served a first term elected President in 2000 – as he was voted to do by a slim margin according to the news media reports of discounted votes and interference with Florida voters. If Bush was a first term president he would only now be considering his Iraqi invasion options. In other words, increasingly, this is Bush’s war and nobody else will want to fight it.

About bloody time someone got Bush to defend his rationale before accepting that this man who has got nearly everything else wrong should be now getting anything right.

President Warns of Afghan Battle

Pressing Allies, President Warns of Afghan Battle – New York Times – even Bush himself acknowledges that the efforts in Afghanistan may come to nothing if the military success of the American presence there is insufficient.

Compare the American contribution to Afghanistan of 13,000 troops with the 170,000 Bush wants in Iraq and the scale appears out of whack. The Taliban established they were prepared to protect Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, giving America adequate reason to attack militarily and establish a more moderate Government in Afghanistan. But instead of acting forcefully to promote democratic ideals, the US Government has underfunded completion of the military goals, and now with the once avoidable expense of Iraq to contend with, the problem is larger than it was before.

Strategy can not be shot from the hip. This man exposes the singular logic of an all powerful Commander in Chief being in control of these wars. Bush is convinced that he is right. Perhaps he needs to be. But one must wonder if Bush is best man for the job, since it must be done by one man, perhaps Bush should retire. So far his record is a testament of exactly how not to win a war.

Bush will continue to lead America by the nose into conflict. Not that he wants to, but that he has blundered his way into a quagmire and is unlikely to have the smarts to conclude the mess gracefully as the months count down to zero, the same realization will dawn on the American electorate.

The republicans best nominate an anti war candidate. How the winds of politics are turning.