Clean Sustainable Future

President Obama has stated that it is time for American leadership to step up and he has picked the one time when the Right certainly have no right to complain about putting America to work solving its dependence on foreign oil economic imbalance in three years.

All it takes is the political will to spend on the economy while saving the banking system. The best and perhaps only way for a modern large economy to work is not so much trickle down as a sort of reverse trickle – or more correctly by “assimulative growth” – growth that absorbs and supports its own as well as taking on new ground. It is the point of winning a war, to be able to improve a worsening situation.

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Global Fairness and Green Progress

“Sustainable Development” used to mean the kind of financial growth that Bernie Madoff practiced. In a childs game of impressing people with graphs of his snake oil financial empire he gloated in his now repossessed houses and yachts about his ability to make capitalism work for him personally in very special ways.

Sustainable development eventually became, in the 1970s a mantra for civilizing the world. A hundred years ago this civilizing allowed the demise of colonialism. The fruits of which resulted in an extended upper class that ruled things from the ‘ouse of Lords or perhaps it was the cricket umpires, after all.

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