UK Police have had an EEC ruling against stop and search activities.

In the meantime, a Muslim group has been denied their right of protest and have been labelled a terrorist group. This seems a popularist measure by the Brown Government increasingly clutching at straws to find votes in the upcoming election Labour seems destined to lose. Having moved too far right, they will almost certainly lose as the Conservatives seem to put on a more moderate face. I have seen this sort of political reversal happen in New Zealand.

And enquiries into Britain’s role in starting the Iraq war with George Bush is being defended by Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair’s master of spin.

Politics is the art of finding the middle ground. The war with Al Qaeda has been detrimental to the life of Great Britain but hardly as devastating as it has been to Iraq civilian life. Similarly, the war in Afghanistan seems, from the outside, to be a war against the poppy and criminal ideals. Terrorism is a political act when it creates a threat to everyday life. But Britain lived through its own Blitz in WWII and the threat of terror attacks is not going to stop this once world ruling nation from defending itself.

Freedom is too important to ignore. But is the medicine proscribed by Bush, Blair and now Brown any good for freedom? Not if the laws they enact reduce individual freedom. I returned to the UK expecting stop and search and intrusions by the law to be hard to deal with, but so far, I see people being indoctrinated behind their brick walls into being frightened of each other. The police presence is extreme but accepted. Most of the coppers go about their guardianship of civilised behaviour with good will and life goes on.

Google is concerned that Chinese hacking of freedom activists’ gmail accounts has raised question by the US Government and a threat by Google of pulling out of completely. This will mean less freedom for the most populated country in the world.

Meantime, earthquakes destroy Haiti and millions die the world over from disease and starvation. Is this emphasis on terrorism all that wise? Are the acts of Osama bin Laden really going to make any difference in terms of Islam? Probably not. It is just a dirty war that will be over in another 2000 years or so.

Or both sides could signal an end to hostilities and the start of toleration and freedom.

Yeah, right.

What are we feeding our children

Read the effects of drinking a can of Coke or other soda drinks, within one hour it has as much potential to promote disease as smoking a cigarette or consuming heroin. And due to the “sugar crash” the physical addiction is fairly instant, requiring “refuelling” within an hour. One of the most successful companies of the twentieth century is in essence a drug pusher? Read the link and judge for yourself!

A comment about the high fructose corn syrup used as a sweetener is truly alarming:

and this doesn’t even touch on the negative impact of the sweetener used in most soft drinks now, high fructose corn syrup. To make a long story short, high fructose corn syrup causes your body to deposit fat around your major organs (liver, kidneys, heart, etc.) and slowly chokes out their function.

I find it very intriguing that the slave trade of the nineteenth century supported the sugar plantations and the war on the health of humanity continues with misleading advertising that relies upon the same symbols that the tobacco industry falsely used.

To be healthy, turn to nature. Evolution has ensured we are designed for raw unprocessed foods and not addictive chemicals and sugar.

Obama’s Response

When a flaw in the protective shield that makes airflight possible (without holding your breath) exposed American flights a new kind of designer suicide bomber with a chemistry set to be set off by an “emergency injection”, the media in the UK highlighted how detailed scanners would fail to show such a kit but would expose people’s nakedness to the security police, as if that exposure was indeed sinful. Making people the “apparent victims” of the potential they they exist as a parade of pornographic images is what the purient are most concerned about? Is that their response?

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Happy new decade

The year 2000 was a fine boundary, because of the mathematics of dates. 2010 seems a little more mathematical, in that the century count is double that of the year count. 2000 however exposed a hole in thinking shared by everyone who entered a two figure date into their computers. Time marches on, and it is necessary to record the details.

The 2000 decade was the decade that Tony Blair and GW Bush decided that the Geneva Convention prevented them from dealing with the threat of Iraq. There is a movement to bring them to justice as their actions were not legal or desirable.