EU Elections

The European Parliament is a government body that decides upon the laws that join our people together. Issues like human rights. It is infected by “protest parties” who are only there to act as dead weight opposition but what is what achieving other than making the government of the EU less effective?

A strong UK voice in the European Parliament is a no brainer. Of course we need the best representation possible and make an effort to make the whole of Europe more and more prosperous.


Pollution threatens all life. Man made pollution is the result of the industrial revolution and growth. Or it is the result of criminal expansionism?

Pollution is the addition of artificial byproducts from unclean industrial activity to a natural environment, too often with unforeseen consequences, or worse, known but hidden consequences. One of the pollutants we continue to add to the precious atmosphere is CO2. Unfortunately for us, there are many others. In the short term, we are most threatened by the consequences of CO2, but who knows what other accumulations of poisons in the food chain may cause breaks and starve us to death first.

For example, our chemical warfare on “pests” that seems to have a side effect of bee eradication, may be the end of us before lower Miami is fully under-water from sea rising with the melting ice-covers of Antartica and Greenland. That is ice above the land not, which when it is water will displace the coastline and reshape the British Isles. Is that how much we care about our countryside?

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Captain Sunshine

World at war?

John Pilger is both a respected journalist and a bit of an alarmist. And what is wrong with alarm in today’s world where American influence stamps all over alternative values. After the binary division of the world that was the Cold War, The New American Century’s New World Order briefly reigned. It seems that the American incursion into Ukraine politics is the latest in a long list of US military acts in the name of democracy overthrowing democratically elected governments that Pilger writes about, usually from a war zone.

His recent article article about Dr Strangelove raises the alarm to a new level. Are the American military a hungry lumbering beast machine that needs war to create demand for itself so it can run up more debt someone can call growth in the economy? Or is it the world’s freedom fighter, overturning injustice like some sort of Superman, knowing the results of its actions must be believed in, not only by the fundamentalists who seem to believe anything. But by the liberals as well.

Online Right to Privacy

Legislation is not considered because politicians fail to grasp the need for legal structures until the law makes an ass of itself. Online legislation requires too much technical history to predict trends and since this blog deals with trends, the can of worms opened by google returning search results including a spent bankruptcy conviction acting against an applicant when applying for new mortgage funding does highlight a human rights challenge faced by the internet.

If practical considerations are the de facto protection for this kind of dead information, then are we faced with a new need to categorise data that requires expiry when written and while a person is living (and for a safe period of time afterward), i.e. certain government documents, tax records, criminal records as opposed to those comprising potential academic value, but only during the life it can affect, or perhaps the lives of immediate progeny. There is a need for balanced legislation rather than a court ruling that protects privacy sensibly while making no blanket assumptions about how we will evolve with the web, as an extension of our human minds. You can not make laws for the ocean.

But the right to privacy requires billions invested by google and this ruling may be the start of a new way to look at data. Ultimately, it belongs to it’s subject.

Corporate Taxation

If Google, Apple, Amazon and other multinational corporations can operate in the UK declaring all corporate profits in low-tax Luxembourg, then all companies that operate in the UK should operate out of a Luxembourg headquarters. They have been set a precedent, which if not legislated against fairly could cause a revolution of sorts, businesses becoming independent of the legislatures in which they operate. It effectively ends the concept of the corporation being a citizen of a nation.

To allow existing laws with all their loopholes to exist, the Government is allowing much capital dilution in the economy (inflation) but the unfair tax laws make repatriation of this capital unlikely and that allows the Government to hoodwink the population with “low inflation”.

Imagine, if all the tax-protected capital was to flood back into the UK at once, the inflation would be ridiculous. But by keeping UK interest rates low, by allowing this offshore sequestering of capital in tax havens, the Government uses QE without risking inflation showing up in the economy.

The Chancellor, the Government and the opposition are all guilty of short-term thinking. As they deflate the value of the currency by QE, they watch boatloads of tax protected funds being parked in offshore banks. So the money supply does not actually grow, but new investment is stimulated as those without can get loans. But the trick is on the general population as those who need such funding are paying larger margins than they should to borrow when the base rate is 0.5%.

Quite apart from these mechanisms of funding the destruction of existing retail businesses by competing with globalised companies means endemic unemployment. That alongside the enslavement of students by the charging of exorbitant fees to get a foot in the door of a career in an uncertain road, and you are witnessing the continuation of one of the most dangerous trends mankind has conceived. Economic racism.

Antibiotic Resistance

The WHO now recognise that the use of antibiotics is causing a health volcano that is now about to erupt.

If you have a cold or the flu, refuse antibiotics. Tell your doctor you will use traditional methods such as rest, water and healthy foods, vitamins and echinacea (to help generate mucus that expels the virus).

Antibiotics do not work against viral infections! They are a nuclear option against bacteria, most of which are actually beneficial to us. Fungal based, these drugs will wipe out many of your digestive bacteria and thus result in long term problems as you are less able to absorb nutrients.

They should be preserved only for life-threatening infections. Adding antibiotics to animal feeds is evolving stronger and stronger germs that could cause epidemics we have no way to control.

The War on Drugs

The “war on drugs” is a dismal failure. One of the evil-empire building destructive actions that President Nixon started. It has resulted in funding one of the largest criminal enterprises ever. It has resulted in millions of addicts and a failed country in Afghanistan, funding endless wars and horrific suffering.

“Harm reduction” means alternative options for those who use artificial stimulus as a relief from tragic lives, or indeed for social lubricant. Ok, so the “don’t do drugs” crowd may have be making a “valid” point but their message has not changed anything much globally except to encourage a younger generation to protest by doing them, anyway. Because drugs are illegal and yet widely used by young people, it sets them against the establishment, reduces respect for the law and induces a sense that the police are not on “their side”.

“Legal highs” have been developed and fill a void made by the criminalisation of “soft” drugs like cannabis. Many of these “legal highs” are addictive and not actually that good for consumers, and there are some that are more benign than others. In New Zealand the Government have just banned all these legal options, opening the door to criminal gangs dominating the market and stopping R&D into harmless non-addictive substances.

Prohibition of alcohol caused more problems that it solved. Are they going to ban this, the most destructive legal drug? No, of course not. Watch the hospitals fill, witness the road carnage and domestic violence. And those poor souls who are dependent on drugs can now look forward to manufacturers who have absolutely no legal framework, no ethical regard and mix their chemicals with things like bleach.

Addiction is a serious problem most people really do not understand. The legal framework is a hope to redirect the culture that is rampant in countries like New Zealand, but instead this stupid “war on drugs” is going to resume killing children and financing criminals.