Funding Untruth

It is real nice to learn that Exxon Mobil has been funding “authorities” to create FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about the stark reality of climate change. Burning carbon is causing unusual growth in global warming which, if not reversed or at least limited – will cause untold damage to the future world. It is very irresponsible to keep at it, even after it is fully accepted that something has to be done to reduce pollution. The greatest gift of the Olympics being in Beijing is that no outdoor endurance or speed records are likely to be broken – it may be the most difficult games to breathe in since Mexico City – but that was due to elevation and low pressure making rapid breathing more difficult. Beijing has to virtually shut down (90% of its motor fleet are disabled for the games) in order to allow its think smogs to clear enough for the needs of performance athletes. If they become sick inhaling too much industrial level pollution, and can not compete, it may just convince the world that pollution is the real enemy of humans, that climate change disasters can be circumvented if we take pollution far more seriously. It is just as serious as climate change and global warming and will als kill us. Allowing the unrestrained growth of pollution is socially detrimental and false economics.

Bali Conference: US Seeks Alliance with China and India to Block Climate Protection

Bali Conference: US Seeks Alliance with China and India to Block Climate Protection – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News

Evil Men do nothing. Real Evil Men do nothing while causing destruction. Nero was the first political Real Evil Man – famously fiddling while Rome burned. Inaction is worse in leadership than mistakes. Real Evil Men do not just make mistakes, they believe in them.

The entire world is at risk from war, from pollution and from inaction. The USA, China and India are causing a large percentage of the pollution. For them to manipulate the “negotiations” at Bali means that they are still putting their economic clout ahead of the health of humanity. Climate change is not the end of the world. It is the destabilization of weather. It is the destruction of the works of nature or God depending on how you think as habitats for creatures are wiped out. It is destruction of humanity as communities suffer terrible droughts and floods.

There is not much we can do to “fix it” so why bother doing anything? It is like letting children play on the roads because each time you ask them to come inside they gang up on you and stick their tongues out at you.

It is a question of greed. Greed means taking something for yourself.

Challenge to Scientific Consensus on Global Warming

Challenge to Scientific Consensus on Global Warming: Analysis Finds Hundreds of Scientists Have Published Evidence Countering Man-Made Global Warming Fears – Press Release

“Global Warming” (and cooling) has always been a natural process! So are the natural processes that excessive pollution threaten to upset. What about the scale of extinctions since the industrial age started to poison rivers and air? These scientists correctly say an ice age would be worse that “global warming”. Tell that to land owners who are affected by a sea level rise. If we abate pollution, it will not stop “global warming”, but it may allow the trend to, one day, revert. If its a cycle, then its either naturally getting warmer or colder.

It seems a little irrelevant to worry about if its going to become warmer or colder if our risky activity could be projected into an outcome of life extinction. Sure the Earth may recover, but the dinosaurs did not.

Climate change is the present and real danger that we are causing. And poisoning our environment is just a crime against nature. It will pay us back. But we have already buried the worst culprits, the giants of pollution, until GW Bush came along and tried to keep America on top of the tables, but Asia will out-pollute them as they compete to try to catch up.

The world does not need another billion SUVs badly maintained in a Chinese economy that is collapsing in 2060 as their economic sunshine fades. One possible future.

“Global Warming” is the wrong target. The melting ice will not stop to examine tree rings. Change will occur with or without us, but we are contributing more than dinosaur flatulence and we should spend more on research into reducing our energy footprint. It is just responsible!

Harnessing free energy supports moderate growth. Burning all the oil competitively does not. It is time for the great nations of the world to stop competing for control of the Earth’s resources and paid the true cost to this and future humanity, (as well as repair nature).

War is redundant if you can not support a decent quality of life for all citizens.

The 11th Hour

The most severe criminal act is destroying the world, the current leadership seem to think its the end of the world so why not burn everything up…

Real faith is shown by those who take the long term view. The one where their grandchildren have some air to breath, clean rivers and streams, abundant fish in the sea.

The film The 11th Hour by Leonardo Dicaprio addresses these issues. It looks inspiring and full of the kind of hope that drives people to do something positive.

I have been raving on about climate change for years here on and agree – it is late in the game to be making a change to the way we behave – but act we must – and the sooner the easier – we must act politically and change the underlying philosophy. The philosophy must be revised because it is exactly our need to compete to survive that is the fire underlying our outstanding success in dominating all life on Earth.

Humans have quickly evolved intellect in order to see how we can reduce our impact. It requires less greedy and criminal motives. It requires a different motive for competitive behavior. We should moderate our population growth.

If we could reduce our footprint with technology it also requires us to retreat somewhat and let nature recover. Or we will bring another Great Flood upon ourselves, this time it will be for very clear scientific reasons.

From an article about Mikhail Gorbachev

GORBACHEV | All of us, but particularly in America, consume too much for the planet’s well being. Americans are less than 5 percent of the world population, but use 30 percent of all the energy. Gradually, we need to abandon the model of consumer society. If we continue with this model, we will surely undermine nature. And that, in turn, will undermine the stability of our societies.