Bush predicts bloody summer in Iraq

Bush predicts bloody summer in Iraq – New Zealand’s source for World News on Stuff.co.nz

George Bush finally looks like he has fallen over the edge – the edge when a president no longer wants makeup artists fussing before a camera explores ones frailty. As he predicts a bloody summer of violence in Iraq he does not seem to realise that his actions are not inspiring peace. “Modern war” is still a barbaric excuse for not communicating.

Yes, it is going to be a bloody summer.

Just imagine if George Bush had conceded to Al Gore all those years ago. Al would have been able to do some sums and would have sent 100,000 troops plus into Afghanistan and followed this up with 100,000 civilians to rebuild the country after isolating the Taliban. Iraq was in need of attention, yes, but invasion may be seen as a breach of trust by the citizens.

What gets me is that George Bush has said nothing about how to make things better in Iraq, only how he will wage war on Iraq – and why? To kill terrorists. Where do they keep coming from? They grow up hating those that impose upon their country. It is generally accepted by invading Iraq created more terrorists. Bush is the grand executioner of fools drawn to the battle for reasons of religious zealotry.

What is transpiring is nothing less than a huge waste of humanity and is a great tragedy and a terrible sin, on both sides.

The Assault on Reason – Al Gore

The Assault on Reason – Al Gore – Book – Review – New York Times

Al Gore has published a book that agrees with pretty much everything written on this blog over the years. Basically it takes George W Bush’s presidency to pieces. It criticizes the inaction preceding 9/11, the fruitless war waged on Islam that wastes massive resources and for what?

He criticizes the secret authorization of the National Security Agency to eavesdrop without a court order on telephone calls and e-mail messages between the United States and other countries, and its suspension of the rights of due process for “enemy combatants”. He says these acts demonstrate “a disrespect for America’s Constitution that has now brought our republic to the brink of a dangerous breach in the fabric of democracy.”

This is not a polite criticism. No, like Disturbing Trends, Al Gore has taken a harsher approach to the actions of the man who stole his job.

US Embassy in Iraq

It’s a city within a city. A citidal housing the American Embassey, larger than the Vatican. Does this seem like some kind of cruel hoax to the Iraqi on the street? How could it be seen as anything other than the Americans snuggling up too closely? Actually, it is better to build am embassey than a fortress, diplomacy may create a pathway to peace now that roadmaps all seem to lead to more war. It seems a typically domainant and agreesive stance that is all to familiar by this Bush administration.

The strict insistence on continuing the war in Iraq is the Cheney doctrine. Do not let one day go by when his frat buddies who run Halliburton could be amassing more cash from “facilitating” Iraq oil distribution.

New Climate Change Danger

Rapid rise in global warming is forecast-News-UK-Science-TimesOnline

Scientists have identified a new danger in the Climate Change box of tricks. It seems that the Southern Seas are starting to not absorb as much CO2 as before. This could mean a precipitous rise in the degree of CO2 in the atmosphere and therefore sudden changes to the conditions that produce our relatively mild climate.

We have been predicting that Climate Change would be precipitous and unpredictable and a far worse problem than we believe it will be.

But we had hoped this was not just around the corner. If they do not stop the burning of the rain forests then it will be far worse.

How are we going to act, before its too late?

Al Qaeda tactics expand in Gaza

Al Qaeda tactics expand in Gaza | csmonitor.com


Disturbing Trends has defined Al Qaeda as a “cult”. It leaches adherents from the fringes of a very large pool of disaffected young people who see the West as the puppet masters that keeps them poor. The West is still reeling from its colonial guilt, those reigns and the passing of control of oil wealth to these countries have resulted in a capitalism so strong and confined that over 95% of Saudi Arabia do not share in the oil wealth but live in poverty.

The only way to unlight this fuse is to develop alternative means of propulsion and now. That would reduce the incomes of the ruling class and force them to invest the currently unvalued communities and only by investing their wealth in others should they maintain relevance.

Of course democracy is the answer, but war destroys democracy, if you are fighting civilians drawn from the encroaching fringes of madness fueled by the very conflict America and Mr Bush are seeking to douse.

The “madness fueled from the encroaching fringes” is a cult – it is a way of thinking and drawing your rash young zealots into a war they do not belong in. They deserve gainful employment in their own country due to the investment by their leaders. Look at Dubai and compare its prosperity with the Saudi street.

Cult is one of those words that makes people distance themselves, unless they are rebelling against the mold in which it becomes a focus of identity.

That Al Qaeda becomes the locus of Arab identity is the real danger. That is grows as a movement is a reason to alert your leaders that WW III is a risk now faced if war continues to manufacture terrorists.


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