Iran ‘unable to take Australians’

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iran ‘unable to take Australians’

The SECRET is out! All this colonisation and cricket was not for nought. Indeed. Her Majesty’s forces went quietly were the Australians resisted. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards were unable to to capture and ransom for political capital these intrepid Australian sailors.

That “political capital” is an illusion. The UK had 15 sailors taken prisoner by a country who’s president had to be seen releasing the prisoners before a serious standoff with Her Majesty’s Naval Forces. Now we can understand it was due to a brewing fear of the Aussies who really take this kind of thing seriously. One can imagine their earnest roughness all bruising into action at the clanging sounds of ships alarm battlestations, smoke, fire and explosions all about to erupt – but because its sort of “local” we (in New Zealand) remain unshocked – as though by a cloud of non-reality. The “war games in the Gulf” sneaking into recent news items and the mad scientists sponsored by a Persian sheikdom play shadows in our fear.

The hardest and most worthwhile battle of all is to solve things without weapons and soldiers. The West has a tendancy to view itself as the “civil” side of the equation. The side that is the “natural winner” that has convinced its populace of its right and legitimacy.

Germany was high jacked by an evil, authoritarian, insane war monger given confidence of the fear he could engender by killing people. And American fears of a sponsored repeat of this in Saddam Hussein justifies a war that will soon justify more skirmishes.

The point is not who is right or wrong. America is in a foreign land and establishing itself as a viable military force permanently. One of these days it will simply be able to react anywhere in the world. No wonder Putin gets a little edgy. America has beaten the Soviet dream into insignificance.

Hamas – entitlement to power?

Do Hamas have a right to power despite them perhaps being destructive to the future of a settled Palestine? They were voted in by the popular vote. Democratic action by the people and their election set the scene for more potential grief for Palestine. Things are getting worse before they improve. Much worse it seems.

Democracy is not perfect. It is an evolutionary system – meaning that it is self correcting. If the Palestinians need a stupid terrorist Government in control – they are facing the unbalanced Israeli control regime with fire. Bad choice. But it was a choice, was it not?

The entry of militia into politics is unfortunate and really the same thing as a military dictatorship. It is the mandate of an oppressed, excluded and therefore angry people.

Without damage to Israel, a solution that causes progress may be more tenable after Hamas has convinced the poor of Palestine that the struggle is not the solution. Until they hit rock bottom, how will they disclaim their addiction to violence?


The concert to save the world. I remember the Concert for Bangladesh – put on by George Harrison – while Bono was still a schoolkid. Joe Cocker, Leon Russell. Yes – remember it. 7/7/07 signals the age of terror is going to have to make way for saving the world.

The actual world. It coming down with a fever and it will cost humanity more than money, it will change nearly everything – health, commerce, trade, the value of commodities, most of all, water. If parts of the world become less and less habitable then what will we be able to do about it? We need habitats to support life. We need to be alive to do anything about it. So 7/7/07 seems the time for the world to wake up to the fact that the addiction to oil, SUVs and pollution will murder their own grandchildren.

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