Spy vs Spy

All the billions of dollars spent on the homeland security venture and the CIA and this is the best they can do, writing in-credible press releases. The trouble is that the world’s media swallow it all up without question. Perhaps those days of media collaboration are finished.

Elizabeth Holtzman’s Courageous Call for Impeachment — It Is Necessary, It is Possible, And It Will Strengthen Us | BuzzFlash.org

Elizabeth Holtzman's Courageous Call for Impeachment — It Is Necessary, It is Possible, And It Will Strengthen Us | BuzzFlash.org

Read Elizabeth Holtzman on the call for impeachment. It is certainly not too late and may indeed be vital for the future if America is to remain at all democratic.

It has in effect acted like ruthless and legalistic totalitarian force in a world that has been damaged by the deliberate crimes against progress for the USA.

AFP: US military in Iraq shows video of ‘Al-Qaeda training children’

AFP: US military in Iraq shows video of 'Al-Qaeda training children'

In recent weeks, US and Iraqi spokesmen have raised new concerns over Al-Qaeda’s alleged use of children and the mentally impaired in suicide bombings, which Smith called a “disturbing trend.”

This supports our earlier allegations that Al Qaeda is a cult. And one that victimizes, bullies and breeds adherents to follow their martyrs in causing death.

The Gutter

One must accept that it could be propaganda, but if so, then it is highly effective.

The use of Downs Syndrome women to deliver explosives unwittingly, sheds new light on this “war on terror”. The idea of abusive men strapping explosives to the bodies of the innocent is hard to erase and the daunting little walk they had to take to be clear of the perpetrator’s remote signal.

Can the CIA identify the perpetrators of these “suicide” missions when everyone has a cellphone? It is possible to receive and record that traffic – since the time and place of the event is known, it figures that the CIA would invest some of their considerable resource measured in billions of dollars establishing a method by which they can find those responsible so such actions are no longer tenable.

The use of mentally impaired people in this way is unsuprising, it is an act of extraordinary cowardice and exposure of these men to their own society is essential to rid the Islamic faith of the Al Qaeda disease. They have no right to call themselves men of Islam if they are offering the lives of those they have abused and who can not say no. They are nothing. Why are we calling it a “suicide bomber” attack?

It is murder, murder and more murder. Nothing but murder. Yes, it is sad they used dupes to carry their explosives into a crowded market. That they use mentally impaired women reflects Al Qaeda misogyny more so than a measure of the US invasion or its “effectiveness”. One has to consider, is the effect of each no different to the lives of the individual Iraqi?