Our political language fails us. We hold “leaders” accountable. We expect them to act like Moses and stop the riots with a wave of the hand. And as hundreds of millions go up in smoke we face a crumbling infrastructure. The politics of mutual blame and the polarisation of society are the fundamental problem. We are not going to get better until we take responsibility and stop blaming the “other”.

Communities can be coherent and powerful. Leaders gather the will of the people but the perception of Cameron’s world is that he is at war with the ghost of the previous government whom he routinely blames for the misfortune that is profoundly embedded into our world by mutually destructive greed.

Cameron is now being schoolmasterly, threatening rubber bullets and water canons. His contention that it is a failure of individual responsibility after years of the state providing privileges without responsibility. The claims by the government that they will be able to arrest everyone who broke the law is a necessary understanding to restore a sense of boundary.

Any attempt by thinking people to see a cause in social deprivation is met with disgust and derision from reactionaries, are we to accept that some humans are beyond hope and should be shot? That is the same broken social contract as the looters. Balance means doing two things, one to stem the tide, and another to distract and educate kids. Closing libraries was unnecessary. It is a cause of this.

Clamping down on the thugs who burn buildings, and destroy businesses is an acute treatment. But the problem is chronic and the remedy is to never create an underclass. This is something that can provide meaningful employment. Trapping people in poverty is a precondition of this violence. It is not the cause. Recent events such as the exposure of police corruption being amplified by the undefendable shooting on Saturday that sparked this off.

But the denial of exclusion from necessary services when they have all been cut mercilessly and arbitrarily has left nothing to interest the dispossessed who want their MTV. The excluded say they deserve opportunity. With thousands of criminal records established, they are reducing their chance for opportunity.

Is saving a few millions worth this? Cuts may be a normal part of going into debt however an intelligent chancellor would be concerned about the ballooning costs of riots and disaffection.

London Riots

For a third night, massive numbers of riots in different areas of London. Tonight, it is Camden, Chalk Farm, Lewisham, Hackney – last night Islington, Oxford Circus and it starte three nights ago in Tottenham and where a man was shot by police. Apparently the police were the only ones firing guns and the man is dead. And this is the reaction? Or is this reaction a state of hopelessness and deprivation that has gone too deep? The Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and finally The Mayor cut short their summer holidays to return. Mainly for a Cobra meeting.

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Here is a video of a woman speaking her mind to the kids ripping shops apart and burning employing businesses to the ground.

Here is a google map showing the areas where the rioter struck

Is this an act of terrorism?

Reaction to article by Nina Power

Rioters are indeed just rioters. Nobody thinks they are not criminals or that the police should not deal with them. The number of comments who disagree with the valid point this article makes are understandably upset. Extreme acts of protest that lurch into criminality are obviously damnable as crimes.

It is valid to question what is stoking such fires, what is the effect of police tactics and exposed corruption and increasing populations of deprived opportunity in a market so self obsessed it can not consider broader needs? Who is really that happy with the Government’s progress, certainly not students and certainly not the unemployed. How much more effective would a mass strike be? But can we be bothered? No.

Of course there are social conditions that produce idiots and equality of investment upon education actually produces lots of viable job applicants instead of creating parts of the city which survive with violence and crime. Yes you can blame the criminals and lock them all up, but your taxes will still be absorbed and the jails will fill with children.