How Gun Control fails in America

Americans are faced with the law being tightened on gun control. The idea that the holy Second Amendment to the Constitution has exceeded its utility due to the invention of weapons that can kill hundreds of people in a single moment of mad anger and by simply pulling a lever was not an imaginable scenario when the Second Amendment was drafted. A lot of cattle rustling cowboy thieves threatened to rock the establishing economic might that the armies of the Founding Fathers cleared the way for by marching the British away after they had fought off the French and Native Americans.

So a new Republic was born and enshrined the law into the hands of the individual. Self preservation with a small militia to look after the unruly. Not entirely sure how it was supposed to evolve into a military industrial empire, but it did. And that produces weapons that can more properly be described as WMD than a means of self preservation. The Second Amendment needs amending. But suppression of an already well armed populace by introducing more weapons, by providing every school teacher with guns to reduce the degree which a lone gunman can run amok seems like throwing explosives into a fire. Yes it may prevent so many deaths in some instances, introducing more death dealing interlocutors. When a sad teacher runs amok, will the clamour turn to arm the children?

The emtremities of war

So now we have a war of assassins.

While the West attacks the Taliban leadership with remotely controlled preditory model aircraft attempting to pin-point terrorists they still managed to kill random civilians and innocents. It is brutal but compared to territorial fighting it out, wars of attrition, tank battles or the most extreme forms using WMD – it is essentially an attempt to assissinate. To chop the head off the snake. And from the other side, suicide bombers with increasingly bizarre ways to conceal explosives attempt to assassinate a leader of the Afghan military. Recruitment for these two armies seems a little lopsided. On one we have something like video game playing soldiers. On the other, self mutilation.