English libel laws

Sally Bercow has been found at fault in a libel action in the high court – after a tweet where she asked why Lord McAlpine was trending, adding “innocent face” – suggesting although she may have known about why, she was not going to say.  She was reflecting less obscure media references to defamatory and false accusations about Lord McAlpine that have already been subject to successful defamation suits.

Freedom of speech has an evolutionary function on society.  Overly reactionary forces may work against the natural drift of progress causing decay and distortions like slavery or apartheid.

The insults freely flung about daily on social networks and chat boards seem to reflect the maturity of their audiences.  It is refreshing to see a public candidness without the need to follow celebrity having a voice.  Sally Bercoe’s voice is no more meaningful than any other in the Twitterverse.  So to single out Twitter as the most robust, sober and authentic forum certainly surprised me.

It is obvious that using social networks for libel is actually more stupid than any other form as the evidence is pretty hard to deny and can spread like wildfire.

Just hope I have not implied anything here. Innocent face.

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Notes from another time…

the dystopian consequences of declines in education

The decline of The Western Empire in the mid 21st century can be traced to the commercialisation of education – a philosophical direction established in the Thatcher years in the UK and developed by her successors Blair and Cameron. The real damage was achieved by the bizarrely successful Michael Gove who rose in cabinet ranking from the academisation of primary schools and the commercial running of secondary schools and the effective enslavement of a generation by massive student fee increases backed by interest bearing loans.  It appears that anti-progressive policies were Gove’s agenda.  The economic collapses of the last 21st century were based on the choices of the children educated by Gove’s ideological schemes resulting in ultra conformity.

References:  http://academies.sayingno.org

Profits vs Pollution

Denial of the responsibility of mass genocide by caring more about profits than pollution is one of the worst, slowest and most horrible crimes committed a little bit by each of us, remorselessly and daily.

The only path away from the destruction of nature are mired by political crossfire: any bobbing head is likely to be severed. And so the two headed demon reasons with itself and instead of finding the good answer they focus on the other, firing poisoned darts, hoping to damage the alternative and thus seem the most deserving of power.  We live in an age of political arrogance.  The terrifying thing is if Tony Blair took over the Labour p#Party here in the UK, it is most likely they would once again win.

The USA is as addicted to its weapon deaths as it is to the other grand killer of humans, the automobile.  The cattle ranches and meat industry in general is another big contributor, the other problematic “too large to control” source of greenhouse gas.  The methane release from melting permafrost is the icing on an explosive cake of contributing factors.  It does not really matter unless we can change the direction of the pollution equation.

Banning Weapons and 3D printers

Regulating human nature assumes some people are capable of evil, others are not. In fact it is a choice and our internal values are where the real risk lies. Face it, we all have weapons built into our bodies (teeth, claws) and our minds can be used to elaborately plan actions with unforeseen consequences.

Our real protection lies in the social contract, not regulating the spread of blueprints. Every citizen has access to sharp knives but that does not mean that we use them. Box cutters became weapons not because we failed to detect them, but because of a philosophy that does not enshrine value to others. It is the spread of radicalism and the rule of totalitarianism we have failed to defeat.

When we are taught values by an authority that uses its power in a corrupt way, whether it be religious or political, therein lies the source of insanity.

Guns in the hands of citizens do not protect them from guns. Money in the bank does not protect one from madness.