UK: Extending democracy?

It is proposed as a Labour policy, maybe better described as “strategy”, extending the vote to students, those most affected and unlikely to vote for “that other party, the one Nick Clegg used to lead”.

This is bound to provide a political response to those most affected by the reversal of the Free Education stance of the Lib Dems who traded an enslavement of future generations under mother Government for a few years pretending they had “influenced things”. If the Lib Dems were either Liberal or Democrats their first act in coalition would be let to Government settle in but to pull the plug by voting against student fees, the Labour party would have had a chance to recover from Brown – and the “hard decisions” would have been to stimulate the economy instead of starving it. Now we may have a dystopian future of a confident Ed Balls playing wrong-foot the Chancellor by declaring a surplus would be the Labour policy when it probably is not. Economics do not appear to be the most reliable of election planks but the student vote is. And so it should be. Enfranchise the young – give then a vote and the Government may have to subscribe to a future for all.

Threats to World Peace

Red – Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Afghanistan
Orange – Iraq, Libya, Tunis, Egypt, Israel, India, Pakistan, Burma, The Arctic
Yellow – Russia, UK, USA, South Africa, Thailand, China, Indonesia
Green – Iran, France, Japan, Argentina, Germany
Blue – Australia, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, Norway
Indigo – NZ, Iceland, Sweden, Finland
Violet – Antarctica

Gulf stream

Jan 11th 2014
Gulf stream disrupted by polar vortex
Freezing winds from the polar vortex that froze America then stormed across the Atlantic, the Gulf Stream kept mid-winter London temperatures at 10 degrees C. but as it pushed and squeezed the warm Gulf Stream it has curved back on itself, away from the UK and into a cyclone with high winds of over 100kph (going inward in an anti-clockwise direction). The UK could suddenly get very cold if the gulf streams remains in a disrupted rhythm. This is what climate instability looks like.


Map image from
Amazing Maps site – check out the current wind state animation development there.

Ugly Politicians

Perhaps I should qualify: three ugly politicians. They are also bad politicians.

Now, I do not mean that all bad politicians are ugly, far from it. Nor that all ugly politicians are bad. Not at all. I just mean that these three and various other villains become or are ugly. This is no attempt to draw comparisons or correlations – lets leave that to the experts! No, what I want to do is purely character assassination.

Kim Jong Il – although it would be churlish to fail to acknowledge how beautiful he is considered by his own media and owned people.

And the two on this sorry tale of appeasement. The sad figure is now bankrupt non-player and BNP leader Nick Griffin who seems to desperately try to take Britain back to the middle ages when a man could have surfs basically defending cruel dictator “I have a right to murder all my people” Bashar Assad because Damascus is not in ruins (as if he would bomb himself) but is leading a bustling life. Because Mr Griffin is able to deny what he sees he is able to maintain a set of beliefs.

How much of our image of Assad is formed by propaganda? Or is he the real thing, more evil than ugly but about as evil looking as Hitler?