Theft of a airliner a possibility


Article published 13 March 2014 1030GMT

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 that has disappeared, could be suspected causing engine status update blips for four hours after the flight cut all contact with the ground. Are we seeing, once again the signs of a 9/11 style event being prepared for by stealing airliners, probably murdering the passengers as human shields are no longer relevant and a big complex hostage drama is a distraction to the achievement of the end goal.

No, it is hard to admit but Osama bin Laden achieved more for Islam (most of it awful and terrible) than the Ayatollah Khomeni did in his long standoff drama with the USA and ensuing isolation. The 4 hour range of the flight takes it somewhere and the US must be concerned about. If anyone can find where its probably landed, the American security apparatus better be able to. Otherwise the world may be held to ransom. That arc of suspicion takes in Pakistan and the Arabian Sea.

The media have probably been fed red herrings when it comes to passenger information, the fake passports of two Iranian asylum seekers, or whatever they really were if they exist, as those kinds of details distract from the obvious. The search for where the plane exploded over the sea is prevents “panic”. But a jet liner being stolen in Pakistan may indeed have another purpose. If the Taleban has stolen it then it is possibly for an extraordinary ransom, to fund their war, or as an end game bargaining tool. Or indeed a weapon.

How can this kind of thing happen? The international air security apparatus is supposed to prevent this sort of incident. Of course this is purely conjecture, but it does make more sense than the plane vanishing. There has to be a logic to the explanation, and complete vanishment seems unlikely.

It would reassure the public who now possibly endangered by the stolen airliner. If it is a disparate group like the 9/11 crew rather than a political entity, for example, The Taleban, the aircraft may have a planned use. The clock is ticking.

Update Mar. 13th 1500GMT: apparently the signals from the engines did not get received, after all. Maybe officials at Mayasian Airlines have been told to deny this?

Update: Mar. 14th 0045GMT: And now The White House is exhausting all possibilities including searching over the Indian Ocean and Vietnam. Maybe my theory is correct. The simple theft of the asset means landing it and hiding it in plain sight.

Update 18 March Wired magazine publishes more sensible explanation written by a pilot. I think his explanation may likely be correct considering the non finding of evidence and silence of the passengers due to asphyxia of the entire plane who were probably never to wake up.

Ukraine and Crimean Referendum

John Kerry, Secretary of State, USA states that it would be a serious breach of a UN agreement if the brought forward referendum was to be held whilst Russian troops occupy Crimea.

If disguised armed troops were to suddenly police your home town, and you know your history it does seem a little heavy handed Mr Putin, and the rest of the world thought it was very amusing of you flexing Russian forces to teach Ukraine the cost of independence is that they are in fact completely under the control of Russia anyway especially where strategic interests are concerned that pose a threat to both Russia and Ukraine.

It is not a merely the moral question of “How can Putin be right? He is invading a sovereign country protected by treaty!”

It is a military question of “How can Putin lose control of a Naval presence in the Black Sea?” and it seems most logical to assume that lacking a client government in Ukraine he would feel a need to protect it’s naval assets. You can hardly deny Russia’s obvious existential imperative may be the driver here rather than purely empire building, the later would be unconstructive. Russia would benefit far more letting European values in rather than keeping Europe separate as the 21st century progresses.

A solution is to allow Crimea to have quasi independence. And to have mutual defence agreements from both its large neighbours. It would then control huge gas and/or mineral resources. I think Russia sees that as a reason to never allow this impractical utopian ideal.

Therefore it is almost certain that John Kerry will get to restart the Cold War, Monday. I think Putin will hold some kind of moral advantage if the Referendum is 80% Russian leaning, then it is back to the USSR.

Russia Making a land grab for Easter Ukraine has an economic rather than military logic. And that is what would display a less logical and more despotic intend by Mr Putin. If Russia were to protect its military assets in Crimea, the West is going to be hard pressed to make sanctions stick, but to divide Ukraine which appears to be its next logical war strategy, I think will seal Putin’s fate. I think even China will isolate Russia (despite its own comparable occupations and tremendous land grabs).

Theories of Everything

Everything from nothing, the Big Bang Theory is a general idea that reality had a point from which it began. I posit a completely different model. There is a constant increase in the mass of the universe as it comes into being everywhere. Our concept of the universe having a centre point is merely the red shift of inflation away from us. 13.700,000,000,000 (13.7 billion) years is not so much the age of the universe, it is the limits of the ability we have to see.

Fukushima revisited

Read this in the Guardian just now.

Currently about 400 tonnes of groundwater is streaming into the reactor basements from the hills behind the plant each day. The plant has accumulated about 300,000 tonnes of contaminated water, which is being stored in 1,200 tanks occupying a large swath of the Fukushima Daiichi site.

Eventually Tepco hopes to have enough space to store 800,000 tonnes, but fears are rising that it will run out of space sometime next year because it can’t keep up with the flow of toxic water.

The Guardian.

They think it would be safer to pour contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. The trouble with the Nuclear Power industry is that it has no real solutions the problems imposed by meltdowns. How much will nuclear safety have cost us 100 years from now? If Nuclear Energy is costed honestly it must incorporate premiums for accidents that can be bought back by safety record. It only takes one disaster to bankrupt a power company.

A better solution is to make all homes self sufficient using renewable energy. Power is still required for industry, but it is a politically achievable and meaningful result that has a positive effect on everyones’ life.

London’s New Slavery

London has turned into a haven for Oligarchs and why Cameron will not do much about Crimea.

Read this scathing article in NY Times an indictment of modern London. How our “service industry” in The City are services for the very wealthy whilst cheap labour and contract builders who are then discarded create a sharply unfair society in the world financial centre.

London is a great city, one of the most loved tourist destinations, and full of vibrant business but it has its dark streak of great cruelty.

Fracking Earthquakes

A series of earthquakes measuring up to 5.7 on the Richter scale, across Okalahoma, USA were triggered by injection of waste-water from fracking.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) issued a press release yesterday indicating that the magnitude 5.7 earthquake that struck Prague, Oklahoma in 2011 was unintentionally human-induced.

The USGS claims that the magnitude 5.0 earthquake triggered by waste-water injection the previous day “trigger[ed] a cascade of earthquakes, including a larger one, [which] has important implications for reducing the seismic risk from waste-water injection.”

Read article.