Greed and Criminality

The intellectual blindness of our leaders, or, their choices being criminal, and the ensuing celebration of clear insanity (QAnon, for example) is a minefield that hides and then exhibits due to narcissistic obsession with the past. Fear. Perhaps.

Greed and criminality both induce fear. Leadership is a concept of social agreement, a bond of trust. If there is no trust, there is an open door to criminality. Greed erodes trust.

UK Greed

In the UK, the political leaders, the members of parliament are refusing to negotiate with nurses and decry an inflation adjustment for these, he heroines and heroes that looked after a huge number of victims that a hesitant government caused until a percentage of them died, and many others suffered. The general public do not approve of the Government’s position, sure some people will of course, the faithful. The unthinking Tory voter who think that will protect their house price by always voting Tory. Of course they would not vote for anything that the Daily Mail said was even slightly socialist. Automatic voters are ridiculous. It is a chance to rid the future of continuous mistakes by a Government that is so off the rails their reaction to the isolation and pointless suffering and death they directly added to, was to think the rules they made were for everyone else, and of course they could rise above them and have a series of infamous parties.

Russa Criminality

Tragically, in Russia the military cult of Putin destroy its opposition with poison, ‘accidents’ and other thuggery and this is seen as ‘strength’ by votes generated in a culture of threat and control with a backup plan of fake votes to stay in power. In the court of public opinion, discerning minds are often unpopular at first. The growth curve takes a few years to ferment. But if Russia is to survive, it has to find a new hero, a new symbol of peaceful regeneration with its new friend and trading partner, Ukraine. Cooperation is so much easier than domination. Why Russians can not break away from their implicit acceptance of a regime that the world could do without, is more complicated and risky than anyone in the West imagines.

USA Division

Americans can run around with guns, but the Government would not dare do what the Kremlin does. Or would they? There is a substantial cult of gun worshippers who vow to bring down any government that tried. Illegal guns are probably rife, also. In both cultures. Which one is right? Which one can effectively bring down a ‘bad Government’ when this action has already failed to bring down a fairly elected Government who has done a lot of things and one is the latest job report – the most positive in American history. And the Right indulges in ‘the culture wars’ against ‘wokery’ that most of the Left simply do not agree with, anyway. The Left is as divided between intelligent thinkers and complete idiots as the Right is.

The Democrats have done a lot right, and have made awful mistakes but in the balance, their general direction seems to be agreeable. But can they stop Russia from fighting wars for territory that now no longer wants them? Hands off international relations is usually the domain of the Republican party. But the Democrats do not appear to be as obviously criminal in their actions.

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