4 Held in Scottish Attack as British See Broader Plot

4 Held in Scottish Attack as British See Broader Plot – New York Times

The terror that hit the shores of Manhattan and thus the whole USA were the stuff of monster movies. Lurching large and with lots of dust, smoke, death and mayhem.

It was no wonder America, indeed the world was scarred by this dirty simple act of extraordinary horror. Invading Iraq did not exorcise the demon from the simple determination of an oilman, waiting for this one to blow?

Now the terrorism in the UK is from the disaffected sons of criminal dissidents who do not understand their religion. Like George Bush, they take their sacred words as some kind of political imperative, and for that both sides of this war may be best understood as following false goals.

More commonly put, they are making God awful mistakes with their power. One hopes that Gordon Brown’s brief stab at running things will make a difference. It may be the best chance he has as an incumbent against the Tories. Perhaps that is the reason for the timing.

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