Al Gore – The Ultimate Conservative

With Prize, Gore Is Vindicated Without Having to Add President to Résumé – New York Times

He wants the planet to remain firmly in the creative hands of humans and although he ran as a liberal this is the most conservative of streaks. Al Gore should run for President but in the interests of clarity perhaps he should displace the republican field. A return to real values and actual wealth would be a welcome return to wholesome American values post the distorting Bush legacy of debt and war. Did it not eventually become Bush sandwiched between war and tax reduction resulting in, most likely, huge accumulations of wealth carefully and expertly removed to tax shelters. The American deficit is not just what Bush spends it is what every American (in the USA at least) spends that is not home made. It is the considerably larger slice of the pie than anyone else.

The staggering wealth of America is matched by the scale of its indebtedness. It is not likely to be a poor risk, either. Sharing wealth may open doors you were not bargaining for, who knows. It was not Gore’s legacy and for that, the country fair aches for his return. He does not seem to be applying for the job, probably feels vindicated in the position he is already in.

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