America needs a new hero

America used to be the bastion of democracy and freedom. No more.

The actions of the Republicans are not merely hypocrisy. It is not just politics. It is the destruction of the American ideal, the dream of freedom and progress that inspired the world of the twentieth century after Hitler and Stalin and Mao explored mass murder, repression and ruthless military police enforcing absolute power and rewriting constitutions in wars against their own citizens.

A nation is what a nationalist cares about? A nation is not its accumulated wealth. It is the people. It is not its military power or its ability to crush opposition. It is an evolving entity, one that can make choices that respond to changes in the environment it lives within. That is what made America great. It evolved in a mad mad world. It was never perfect, but racism was defeated. Science won the war against false faith. But then, the twentieth century, the most destructive and wonderful century, was over. And now the public are being fed nonsense and lies. And they believe them. Freedom is under threat from within.

The acts of Donald Trump undermine democracy. His intention is to bypass the election and maintain power by playing the system like a casino boss. The house always wins even if it takes a bullet. That the “leader of the free world” has publicly announced plans to impose his own prejudices on the future by rigging the election and the supreme court means he threatens to become the “dictator at the end of the world”. He observes how Putin maintains a grip on power by poisoning his opposition leader, and tries to outdo him by destroying the very decision making process that grants power.

His rallies infect his loyal followers with his death wish. His death wish for America and his death wish for them. A large number of his supporters will die but does he care? If he can use the courts to maintain his power, then of course he does not care if the audience he entertains and who cheer for him in large numbers dies in large numbers.

It is the end of the United States of America? Protests are already being confronted by thuggery and jack booted military police. A rigged election is what he is now promising. Democracy no longer matters to a large number of Americans. It will cause America to fail, badly.

What comes next is a dark chapter in World history. The alliance of the USA and Russia, against China?

Joe Biden is a better option for President. But is he the new American hero that will save Democracy? Once again, the two party first past the post system has failed to offer an alternative to a modern version of Hitler, Mao or Stalin. Many more people will die. America is rapidly falling for an authoritarian regime that will be more extreme and destructive to American values.

It makes world conflict more likely.

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