Australian exit strategy

PM has no plan for Iraq, says Rudd | Herald Sun – the Opposition leader of Austrlia, Kevin Rudd points out that the Australian government has no “exit strategy” to bring Australian soldiers back from the dangerous war in Iraq. Should the troops stay in Iraq or should they be brought home. The newspaper features a little flash movie with made up quotes arguing the merits of “keep troops in Iraq” or “bring our boys back” advertising their message boards. That the discussion is defined in these terms by the media sets the stage for unripe policitians to follow suit. It is defining language – either you are on this side, or the other one.

Australia is backing the US in the war so its actions are a private contract between it and the USA. It does not really matter what the conditions are on the ground, but if there is a US withdrawal, then the Australian army would probably leave. That much is clear from the PM’s silence on exit strategy.

If all the soldiers were killed by friendly fire or insurgent attack, then they would not be coming home. And technically they would not be remaining in Iraq as they would be dead and their bodies returned.

That much is clearly what constitutes John Howard’s exit strategy for Australian troops given to the USA’s illegal effort that seems to fuel sectarian violence.

What John Howard has yet to outline is what he is going to do if American does not leave Iraq and the insurgency just carries on the way it has for hundreds of years. Why has George Bush enabled Iraq towards a Shiite revolution? John Howard has got to keep asking himself that question. Why is Australia etching itself into the minds of war children, the future of terrorism emanting from war scarred Iraq?

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