Leaders define their country. Democracy is an effort to find leaders who are defined by their country. It sometimes works, not always. Dictators destroy their country. Putin is a complex beast as he pretends to be democratic but killing all those that oppose you is a sign of dictatorship in desperation. Biden is a simple …

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Greed and Criminality

The intellectual blindness of our leaders, or, their choices being criminal, and the ensuing celebration of clear insanity (QAnon, for example) is a minefield that hides and then exhibits due to narcissistic obsession with the past. Fear. Perhaps. Greed and criminality both induce fear. Leadership is a concept of social agreement, a bond of trust. …

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Philosophy: Existence of Purpose

The Big Bang may not be well expressed? The difference between the dynamic expanding universe and the starting point of mass, without meaning or form or isolation, is the combination of infinite possibility with the potential of all (the finite) energy. However dramatic the circumstance: it does not bear out if intent or purpose was …

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solar farm at sunny day

Disaster Capitalism versus Green-Tech

The Desirability of Solar and Wind Energy Introduction: What is Disaster Capitalism? When profits rule the minds of political planners, it does not matter how far down the rabbit-hole of destruction society travels, the same dead-horse flogging is pursued until the inevitable result of ignored environmental destruction reduces available resources for those who do not …

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microscopic shot of a virus

Covid – failures of the Tory Government

Read what Michael Rosen writes about Covid. Feel the rage that the Tory Government not only mishandled the pandemic outbreak deliberately but that the expiring PM Boris Johnson trumpets his achievements. We all got very angry to discover he was lying about his parties during lockdown as his constituents were dying and not even able …

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