Senator Joe Biden

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Senator Joseph Biden Presidential nomination Joe Biden expresses in this interview a solution to Iraq and admiration for Barak Obama. A combination of these two seems to present a future for America and demonstrates his quiet ability to galvanize opposition … Continued

The Shiite-Sunni conflict

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Shiite-Sunni conflict rises in Pakistan | – if Shiite conflict with Sunni is international and events in Iraq affect violence in Pakistan – it could point toward an international Islamic war. Or is this a fiction being created by … Continued

Pacific gang life

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The growing fear of Pacific gang life – – in November street gangs rioted in Tonga and destroyed the central business district. NZ$125 million in damages were inflicted by arson. This is terrorism by the disaffected re-evolved youth – … Continued

The Democrat

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The democratic ticket needs a clearly in the lead leader who not only wants to be President but has an agenda for curing America of the disease of deficits and poverty on one hand and destroying the world environment with … Continued

The decision-maker

posted in: General | 0 | 01/27/2007 | `I’m the decision-maker’ on troop strength, Bush says That is really good. Making sure that there is only one decision maker so the military do not get confused. Shame that GW Bush has incorrectly assessed his … Continued

Political Jigsaw

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The political jigsaw is now slowly forming, becoming mortal, tangible. A thing that you can discuss and more importantly, at this stage, before the Primaries, pundits can stake their repute upon predictions. Hey, its a grand lottery if millions of … Continued

Sadrist welcomes the troops

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‘New troops may leave Iraq in coffins’ | Herald Sun: “Now we know that the occupation forces the supporters of terrorism. They don’t want stability of this country, they want to divide it, Increasing the number of foreign troops is … Continued