Baghdad Security Improves

Baghdad Starts to Exhale as Security Improves – New York Times

“20,000 Iraqis have gone back to their Baghdad homes, a fraction of the more than 4 million who fled nationwide, and the 1.4 million people in Baghdad who are still internally displaced,”

Eventually, you should run out of people to kill and that induces a state of normality. If a smaller number of killings is any measure of a “normality” when we are talking of 4 million displaced residents of Iraq. That is quite a feat in human transportation just to kill a few thousand “terrorist” fighters who appear to be fighting the Americans mainly to keep them there rather than to cause them to leave.

But the human face of the fragmentation of Iraq will go on and on. We hope all the executioners are removed before more people move back with confidence. What a horror. If you are going to fight a war – finish it properly.

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