Being One People

All this ill considered political nonsense about being “one people” therefore requiring “one flag”.

New Zealand is 4 million individuals who have many groupings within the spirit of our land. We are democratic – that means that each voice has value. There is more than one voice. There is more than one people. Some seek to collectivize others into their kind. They want to be all inclusive and then criticize others for not abiding by their cultural norms. It is okay to be different to these people It is okay to be oneself.

Constantly crowing about “one” creates an illusion. It is a propaganda. It says “you must agree, it is true”. It contains a threat of exclusion by making any who disagree not “part of the one”. We are not “one” – we are many who accept each other joyfully.

Those who limit imagination by a claim of unity attempt to silence dissent. That is simply not the way to peace.

We are not “one” people. We are, by treaty, two peoples. By fact, we are many peoples.

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