British leave, battle erupts over Basra

British leave, battle erupts over Basra | – so what has Britain’s withdrawal from downtime Basra show? It shows that there are plenty of competing forces for the oil wealth of Iraq. Without Public authority, there is no moral force of Government. Strong arm tactics win the day for the most successful military force seems to trump governments in the most uncivil parts of the world. When the Government is clearly in control of its armed forces, the actions of the military are dictated to by long term considered opinion. When the military is in control, unless the country is fortunate to be led by a General who has received the West’s seal of approval, the country risks being run into Feudalism (as was the case in Cambodia damaged by internal genocide of its doctors, nurses, teachers and scientists.

It may not so much be a case of being able to “civilize people” who have to compete on terms we find abhorrent or unreasonable.

In an evolutionary biology view, the conflict between religions means that means of survival that forwards the doctrine of absolute aggression. This is a leveraging survival trait developed by war. As a result the exhortation of conflict in war radicalizes the developing mind.

In a sociological context, we are faced with an enemy not only prepared to take its own life to defeat us, but each others’ lives as well. It seems like madness, but it is actually just war.

We are less horrified when its our guns and bits of shrapnel taking the lives of their children.

In war, there are no winners. Even your grandchildren may pay for your war crimes.

The act of war is corruptive and must be taken off the agenda of civilized options available to human kind. It is a cancer.

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