Bush administration rejects demands for caps on greenhouse gases

KRT Wire | 02/03/2007 | Bush administration rejects demands for caps on greenhouse gasses – Bush perceives that it is hard to support the Democrat position as caps on greenhouse gases will not stop climate change. Capping gas emissions will create other pressures in the economy, and for that reason may be made ineffective. Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have to be both smart and permanent. It is also not enough to pray! What is so horrible about government investing in enough naturally occurring environmental energy (wind farms) and paying for it with taxes so we do not have to pay to warm our homes? If every home in America did not consume power by dint of “naturally occurring energy”, it would introduce some latency into the atmosphere and discussion rather than further radicalize it. Bush wants to save the world from peril but lacking imagination, he proposes force, and when it does not work, more force.

The free market has failed in the conservation of our home. Bush is in denial. The Democrats are accused of lacking imagination by militant Republicans who have even less imagination except when it comes to explosions, and the bigger and nastier, the better. The Democrats need to take a deep breath and not merely use climate change as a political weapon. Continuing to damage the Earth’s atmosphere in measured doses is still a path to climate change. Not polluting the atmosphere, mankind having a plan that takes full responsibility for its actions as a species and inhabitant of the good Earth – is the only path to avoid economic devastation. Bush is not right to think that reducing gas consumption will work. We have to stop burning it fast, probably NOW. How? What are all these scientists and billions of dollars of military spending for oil by the US Government worth, if Katrina were an everyday occurance?

However the Bush argument is bound to stand, because rejecting a demand for something that is “ineffective” is not unwise. But real leadership is required here – unimpeachable brilliance to get us out of the fog. For this reason, Al Gore’s identification with this issue makes it a Democrat priority, it may even cut a path to the White House.

Caps do not solve anything. It is not how many degrees of global warming that matters, it is the resultant costs of having to live in a completely different world map and conditions. It could bankrupt Austrlia and the USA by desertification. It could make the UK into the new Bahamas.

Rain would become scarce, this would mean that the majority of the world’s crops could fail. Winds could become more severe. The effects of these environmental changes could spell the end of civilisation was we know it.

Or we could spend the US military budget on windfarms, make electric cars mandatory and stop pollution internationally.

All it takes is a decision and authority.

Al Gore for President!

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