Theories of Everything

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Everything from nothing, the Big Bang Theory is a general idea that reality had a point from which it began. I posit a completely different model. There is a constant increase in the mass of the universe as it comes … Continued

Trolling and Depression

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Trolling is like any addiction, done to the death. The central myth that was choice does not exist but the dedicated pursuit of the exclusive feelings or something like that, some warped imperative justifies the disconnection of the self from … Continued

Threats to World Peace

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Red – Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Afghanistan Orange – Iraq, Libya, Tunis, Egypt, Israel, India, Pakistan, Burma, The Arctic Yellow – Russia, UK, USA, South Africa, Thailand, China, Indonesia Green – Iran, France, Japan, Argentina, Germany Blue – Australia, Spain, … Continued

Gulf stream

Jan 11th 2014 Gulf stream disrupted by polar vortex Freezing winds from the polar vortex that froze America then stormed across the Atlantic, the Gulf Stream kept mid-winter London temperatures at 10 degrees C. but as it pushed and squeezed … Continued

Notes from another time…

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the dystopian consequences of declines in education The decline of The Western Empire in the mid 21st century can be traced to the commercialisation of education – a philosophical direction established in the Thatcher years in the UK and developed … Continued