Democracy can fail

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Democracy is not a perfect method to create Governments, but when it is done right, it can prevent bad Governments from surviving. But as a human right, as a way to run things, democracy has a fatal flaw. Despite its … Continued

Lack of infrastructure

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Locking children in cages and separation of young children from their families is inhuman behaviour. And now, abrupt about-turns by Donald Trump does not signify that the President of the US would seriously contemplate discussing ideas and or listen to … Continued

States of War

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Why does war exist? As a philosophical question, we can explore all manner of motivations for warfare. Very few wars benefit anyone, but while it may be true that some make sense, at first, others clearly do not. Specifically, intimidation, … Continued

Right Takeover

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The forces behind Brexit are not working in the interests of the population but taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the false referendum to change Britain from a semi-democratic group of nations into a tax avoiding paradise that does … Continued

Tower in Flames

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That the building industry thought that it was not risky to clad a high rise apartment block in flammable cladding is frightening enough. You may hope that it was mere oversight how many councils decided that the look of a … Continued