Is an economic crash imminent?

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There are predictions of a recession, a belief that countries should be concerned about their irredeemable net values, the soaring unreality of printing currency so that your appearance can be stretched just a little bit thinner. The trouble with inflation … Continued

Tower in Flames

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That the building industry thought that it was not risky to clad a high rise apartment block in flammable cladding is frightening enough. You may hope that it was mere oversight how many councils decided that the look of a … Continued

Todays comments

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A few Disturbing Trends with our comments in The Guardian: 7 Aug 2014 Boris Johnson’s bid for parliamentary return in 2015 leaves Tories divided The true blue conservative denies they are running until the finish line is in view, their … Continued

EU Elections

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The European Parliament is a government body that decides upon the laws that join our people together. Issues like human rights. It is infected by “protest parties” who are only there to act as dead weight opposition but what is … Continued


Pollution threatens all life. Man made pollution is the result of the industrial revolution and growth. Or it is the result of criminal expansionism? Pollution is the addition of artificial byproducts from unclean industrial activity to a natural environment, too … Continued