Todays comments

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A few Disturbing Trends with our comments in The Guardian: 7 Aug 2014 Boris Johnson’s bid for parliamentary return in 2015 leaves Tories divided The true blue conservative denies they are running until the finish line is in view, their … Continued


Pollution threatens all life. Man made pollution is the result of the industrial revolution and growth. Or it is the result of criminal expansionism? Pollution is the addition of artificial byproducts from unclean industrial activity to a natural environment, too … Continued

Corporate Taxation

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If Google, Apple, Amazon and other multinational corporations can operate in the UK declaring all corporate profits in low-tax Luxembourg, then all companies that operate in the UK should operate out of a Luxembourg headquarters. They have been set a … Continued

Fracking Earthquakes

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A series of earthquakes measuring up to 5.7 on the Richter scale, across Okalahoma, USA were triggered by injection of waste-water from fracking. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) issued a press release yesterday indicating that the magnitude 5.7 earthquake … Continued

Change the Tide

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A divergence between the balance sheet of the US Federal Reserve and the price of Gold has appeared and what is interesting about this is that this has not happened previously. Why? Does the massive large upward value of the … Continued

The secret of economic growth

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Economic arguments polarise into Right vs Left arguments.  How about recognition that our democracy allows change and adapting to the environment is what we need to do more of.  What are we, the British public, doing to export more? Businesses … Continued