solar farm at sunny day

Disaster Capitalism versus Green-Tech

The Desirability of Solar and Wind Energy Introduction: What is Disaster Capitalism? When profits rule the minds of political planners, it does not matter how far down the rabbit-hole of destruction society travels, the same dead-horse flogging is pursued until the inevitable result of ignored environmental destruction reduces available resources for those who do not …

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crowd of protesters holding signs

All Life Matters

Evolving Better Government Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash BLM is completely correct. It has demonstrated how important political issues are hijacked by those who oppose it. BLM is an important, vital political message - minorities are vitally important. But the real issue we face as a species, all humanity is how we live inside …

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The Climate Prophet

Greta Thunberg had dedicated her life for the past year to telling the world that how they are talking about climate, what they are doing about the ongoing climate catastrophe. Her voice means something. She speaks a plain language that even politicians can hear. The public needs to hear it as well. Greta Thunberg …

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12 years to avert catastrophe

The IPCC has said that the planning to limit global temperatures rises to below 2C by 2100 is not now a goal that will be achieved, instead advising we must stop warming before it exceeds 1.5C by 2030. That is twelve years of accelerating and increasing decline in stability before we are well and truly …

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