Gulf stream

Jan 11th 2014 Gulf stream disrupted by polar vortex Freezing winds from the polar vortex that froze America then stormed across the Atlantic, the Gulf Stream kept mid-winter London temperatures at 10 degrees C. but as it pushed and squeezed … Continued

Profits vs Pollution

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Denial of the responsibility of mass genocide by caring more about profits than pollution is one of the worst, slowest and most horrible crimes committed a little bit by each of us, remorselessly and daily. The only path away from … Continued


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The problem with Cameron’s argument is that a nuclear weapon is only effective if you do not use it.  Can you imagine a non-nuclear state being attacked by a nuclear state?  Can Cameron imagine giving the order if he was … Continued

Weather and Climate Change If the weather got nasty due to climate change then we ain’t seen nothing yet.  Perhaps the worst legacy of this consumption bubble, things will continually get worse.

Nuclear Famine

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A limited exchange of nuclear weapons could kill a billion people in ensuing famines as the climate destabilises is the latest horror story about the greatest human mistake. Investing in racist murder. Genocide is the crime committed by any Government … Continued