Air Pollution

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Breathing Space Long ago Disturbing Trends identified air pollution as the primary problem facing human survival. It seems that via the alarm of the consequences of global warming which is now climate change or instability the idea that our cities … Continued


Pollution threatens all life. Man made pollution is the result of the industrial revolution and growth. Or it is the result of criminal expansionism? Pollution is the addition of artificial byproducts from unclean industrial activity to a natural environment, too … Continued

Profits vs Pollution

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Denial of the responsibility of mass genocide by caring more about profits than pollution is one of the worst, slowest and most horrible crimes committed a little bit by each of us, remorselessly and daily. The only path away from … Continued

Funding Untruth

It is real nice to learn that Exxon Mobil has been funding “authorities” to create FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about the stark reality of climate change. Burning carbon is causing unusual growth in global warming which, if not reversed … Continued