The countries that believe they are the world leaders in democratic fairness are in fact fooling themselves into a false belief their system delivers the “will of the people” when it is heavily weighed to deliver the status quo. Keeping a momentum going for a bit too long is selected instead of cutting short potential. The current era of economic liberalism was delivering a return based on an inflating fiction up until the 2008 crash, as investors optimism evolved into the unfulfillable hunger of a flaccid market, devoid of long term growth through conventional means, i.e. where common production and consumption supporting long term growth. The market roared into a cliff edge – why would anyone believe that our accounts are now in the red but with ten zeroes after the number?

The need for a Commonwealth is apparent in advanced societies. The needs of the majority start to become a more agitated policial force as deception is unmasked.

In the USA, the Senate is comprised of two Senators for each State. Some States have vastly more people than others. How are they equal? The President is a product of votes by arbitrary numbers of Electoral College votes that are supposed but not guaranteed to reflect the decision of the voters of that State.

It seems hard to find a map comparison of the electoral college and the population levels but this cartograph shows the relativity of voters by number in a distortion of the land they occupy (from . This is not meaningful in a democracy. America is not a democracy, it is representational. We support a general direction by voting for one or another of two dominant political memes. Only two? Yes. And then the choice is not one of a plebiscite but one where the resources controlled have a say. Where influence has sway.

It is a strange value – but reflects the British use of “electorates” with boundaries potentially redrawn by the Government. Actual democracy would be a threat to the status quo. It remains that genuine economic direction is established by engagement of the actual majority rather than how we fool ourselves letting privileges guide us. Privilege gets old.

Here is an excellent range of maps to explore how undemocratic America can become. The electoral college does not select based on the popular vote but by a contract of mutual benefit of each state. It made some sense in terms of economic stability until they elected a backward looking president that reboots the coal industry and bans abortions while scientists calmly try to explain that climate change and human growth are threatening the very continuation of life on this rock in space. Trump probably won’t succeed at being the Antichrist, the world is not going to end in flames, but as a sigh. An exhaled breath that dissipates.

The size of it all

See the size of it- it is probably slowly loading its universal view of relative dimensions in space, from the nucleus of a hydrogen atom up to the known (but unoservable) universe. It is worth letting it load up and then click and explore.

Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth.

UK: Extending democracy?

It is proposed as a Labour policy, maybe better described as “strategy”, extending the vote to students, those most affected and unlikely to vote for “that other party, the one Nick Clegg used to lead”.

This is bound to provide a political response to those most affected by the reversal of the Free Education stance of the Lib Dems who traded an enslavement of future generations under mother Government for a few years pretending they had “influenced things”. If the Lib Dems were either Liberal or Democrats their first act in coalition would be let to Government settle in but to pull the plug by voting against student fees, the Labour party would have had a chance to recover from Brown – and the “hard decisions” would have been to stimulate the economy instead of starving it. Now we may have a dystopian future of a confident Ed Balls playing wrong-foot the Chancellor by declaring a surplus would be the Labour policy when it probably is not. Economics do not appear to be the most reliable of election planks but the student vote is. And so it should be. Enfranchise the young – give then a vote and the Government may have to subscribe to a future for all.

Medical breakthrough

A new method of reprogramming DNA is seen as a major break though in the treatment of hereditary diseases. There may be many concerns about inaccuracy with other techniques whereas Crispr is accurate. It is a bit disturbing, this enthusiasm, to mess with evolution. However tempting it is to assume that such is an evolved ability, therefore completely within nature. How far away is cosmetic genetic remodelling, sort of plastic surgery for your future grandchildren?

Judge rules police to reform random frisking (in NYC)

A federal judge ruled on Monday that the stop-and-frisk tactics of the New York Police Department violated the constitutional rights of minorities in the city

– NY Times

This stop and frisk is seen by many city officials as the central driver behind a reduction in murders as a direct result of the removal of many weapons from circulation. That officers would stop and frisk people based on their race is racial profiling, but if it is the weapons that they are going for and they are found to dominate in certain communities and not others.q

In this way the Second Amendment is limited in that some are not welcome to carry weapons when others are but that seems the face of it.

Pathogenic Coronavirus

Although it is rare, this virus is extremely dangerous, but because it has surfaced in a very few cases mainly mainly out of Saudi Arabia there was considerably urgency to investigate it as 3 million Muslims a year conduct pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina from all over the world.

What people think matters.  As the media has already started to report on this new strain of virus that can cause acute pneumonia in just a few patients, we assume that this is the only such virus.  The fact is that viruses are evolving all the time as are most creatures, but as these forms of life are threads of the part that shapes us, its virulent characteristics can and will mutate as it adapts to its environs.

Should the public be concerned about this new strain of coronavirus?  Yes, of course it should.  Will there be a pandemic.  Based on the evidence thus far, it could indeed be the exposed tip of a more virulent iceberg.  However, it does not appear to be that way.

The more pathogenic a virus, the greater the risk we will take to conquer it.  And the less potential it has to spread.  Allowing it to spread is not such a good idea as the more cellular material it can interact with, the more genetic information it gathers.  It is an awareness of how to evolve ourselves and our behaviour.

Article in The Guardian