Quality of Conservative Leadership

UK Watching the rise and demise of 4 British Prime Ministers, one has to question why a party, well entrenched in power, could manage to have such catastrophic leadership. Cameron lost the UK to the doomed Brexit, default replacement May failed to reverse this, or enact it, Johnson mismanaged the response to the Pandemic and …

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crowd of protesters holding signs

All Life Matters

Evolving Better Government Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash BLM is completely correct. It has demonstrated how important political issues are hijacked by those who oppose it. BLM is an important, vital political message - minorities are vitally important. But the real issue we face as a species, all humanity is how we live inside …

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white house

American Leadership

America has inappropriate leadership. Photo by Aaron Kittredge on Pexels.com Enough has been said and written about the personalities involved. President Trump, Mitch McConnell and the dishonest Senate who could not follow through on removing the impeached Trump. The Democrats who appear to fail to rise to the challenge of opposition and have nominated, again, …

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Dominic Cummings

In The Guardian, Dominic Cummings' views from 2014 are explored that he thought it highly likely that generic engineering would enable the selection of the highest IQ from a range of fertilised ova, and this ability should be extended on the NHS so as not to breed a race of super-intelligent offspring exclusively for the …

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Progressive Economics

The economies of the West have all run into trouble due to the derivatives scam and resultant financial meltdown causing massive capital flows out of national economies. Tax avoidance and corporate logic has led to offshore tax havens becoming significant on the radar of the US and UK governments. Austerity has lain the problem upon …

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Illogical conclusions

The use of austerity has worn thin at least for the probable longevity of George Osborne. In its current form at least. Infrastructure spending by this two faced Government amount to allowing private roads to be built which is certainly going to provide some relief to chronic unemployment and incrementally it may result in economic …

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