Mutation incubation

The UK policy of allowing the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 to leave behind ‘herd immunity’ sounds cruel and heartless and therefore appeals to the heart of Government. It is the kind of pseudo-intellectual postulated science that Dominic Cummings would approve of, the practise of ‘natural eugenics’ at work, to thin down the population to those who develop natural immunity and therefore leave behind ‘homo superior’ in the quest to conquer the selective fatalness of the virus.

There is one problem with this theory. The larger the spread of the virus, the more genetic material it is exposed to, the more it learns about its hosts. Alongside ‘herd immunity’ is natural evolution at work, the virus is now more able to mutate in its host incubation.

The UK, with its maverick approach, is potentially creating a danger far worse than the current outbreak. The virus would learn more about the Brexit gene and how to wipe out our exposed nationalistic white underbelly. And the world can thank our idiots in Government for another outbreak, the second phase: Covid-20 or Covid-21 which may claim 5% of humanity, affect other parts of the body than the vulnerable and exposed respiratory system. Another virus that claimed millions of lives, HIV, infected the circulatory system, but its nature required fluid exchange. The fatal combination of a retro-virus that infects the blood but that can be transmitted by a cough could wipe out humanity.

The prevalence of chubby mouth-breathers in the human stock of the Brexit generation being the incubation medium of the virus that wipes out humanity is the risk that allowing mass infection of the relatively weak Covid-19 virus to take hold. Isolation is one way to prevent it from mutating but it may already be too late. Our lovely Government with all its stupid ‘theories’ risks incubating a monster.

And referring to people as a ‘herd’ is truly the sign that the PM thinks like a racist. Oh, let’s try that, it sounds radical and insane enough to work. But like most decisions taken by Boris Johnson and his personal Igor, Cummings, it is based on schoolboy error and a profoundly incomplete thinking process.

We have voted in this level of incompetence for 5 years.

Pandemic Panic

The coronavirus, Covid-19 has spread to about 50 countries in a few weeks. The WHO does not want to call it a ‘Pandemic’ yet, maybe because the term is thought to induce panic, and therefore the uncontrolled spread of this highly infectious respiratory disease which can induce pneumonia and in some cases is fatal.

It’s spread, due to masked symptoms and many people who do not suffer symptoms, given the evil name ‘super-spreaders’ as if it were their mission in life, is inevitable due to air travel creating many epicenters. Each one is a circular ripple in a pond, and as it gets larger, gradually, natural immunity is left behind.

The news of reinfection, those who have tested positive and then self-isolated, and then tested negative, only to be found to be positive again indicates that the virus is rapidly learning its host’s immunity and defeating it, or worse, that is has a retrovirus component like a pupae phase (like a butterfly) or dormant capability to hide inside host cells. For an airborne virus to be that sophisticated is more in the realm of science fiction. It seems most likely that reinfection may be due to the state of the host immune system as it is not common.

Not yet.

The unknowns are still the real problem with the pandemic, as the inevitable spread of the very successful virus increases, those unknowns are factored into the longer term dangers it may offer: mainly mutation.

The best hope is the race to find a vaccine.

Our prediction is that the USA will not cope with this pandemic as well as China did. Faith did not protect the Pope who appears to be unwell and the VP getting down on his knees to pray or a bloviating President sweating at his fans are symptomatic of a lack of understanding of the dynamics of infection. It seems entirely likely that the West will suffer more than the East, dependent upon the discovery of a good vaccine, otherwise 250 million deaths worldwide could be the horror in store.

We watch the uncertainty taking trillions away from the stock market as the international thermometer of expectation may plunge the world into a new kind of hellish depression followed by a period of unrealistic prosperity. The next twenty years may be remembered for millenia.