crowd of protesters holding signs

All Life Matters

Evolving Better Government Photo by Julian Wan on Unsplash BLM is completely correct. It has demonstrated how important political issues are hijacked by those who oppose it. BLM is an important, vital political message - minorities are vitally important. But the real issue we face as a species, all humanity is how we live inside …

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Union of Europe – prediction

On October 26 Disturbing Trends predicted Europe is to become more of a financial union - except for the UK - the only state to opt out of this mutual arrangement. On one hand we have 27 countries agreeing that there is a solution in unity, and on the other protecting London's financial influence and …

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UK Terror plot facing court

"The man, Assad Sarwar, was said to be in contact with terrorist leaders overseas and visited Pakistan a month before his arrest as preparations for the airline attacks were being finalised."- quote from The Times articleDisturbing Trends AnalysisUK based terror operations busted by the state now in trial. Our assessments about Pakistan seem to unfortunately …

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