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…humanity is more like a total organism that infected the Earth, and She (Earth is female, apparently) is about to strike back, big time. There was Lovelock’s Gaia theory (and all that stuff Disturbing Trends has rabbited on about for years against the hum drum of stupid wars). The distraction of downtown demolition, emotional election drama and The Presidential Puppy are all very good and all, but what good old gunslingers seem to forget is that aura of fate that arises when doom talk starts.

God, I think I miss Sarah Palin. She was less logical than Thatcher at her most odious. That insane logic that gets us through wars, the ability to use gravitas and effect – that is really the quality that we look for in leaders. Nixon had it. NZ’s own Robert Muldoon was popular even as he lunged at our economy with 70s era economic malaise madness. Tawdry effect with no ammo. Blair had it. Palin fills the heart with that confidence that Mummy will come home with a bear in her teeth. Joan of Arc had it. That glare that made you realise that it did not matter, you were their enemy anyway, no matter what you did, they would attack you. Snakes that only exist to menace in nightmares briefly have it too, but the thought of Palin’s America still looms on some tattered horizon.

The future is no longer in our own hands, we are inevitably doomed by our own denial and inevitable love of a leader who can frighten others. This possibly brief period of “rational” leadership is only real change if our behaviour changes with it. One is perpetually hopeful as each generation of activist becomes more authentic than the last. The same mistakes will be made over and over again but if inspiration can guide us to radically change our approach to ecology and sustainability, humanity has more than a chance.

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Clean Sustainable Future

President Obama has stated that it is time for American leadership to step up and he has picked the one time when the Right certainly have no right to complain about putting America to work solving its dependence on foreign oil economic imbalance in three years.

All it takes is the political will to spend on the economy while saving the banking system. The best and perhaps only way for a modern large economy to work is not so much trickle down as a sort of reverse trickle – or more correctly by “assimulative growth” – growth that absorbs and supports its own as well as taking on new ground. It is the point of winning a war, to be able to improve a worsening situation.

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Sustained Economy for Housing

Economic sustainability does not require endless growth of humanity. Should we continue to accept that greed as prime motivator of capitalistic instincts is actually “civilising”?

Locking up the rich and famous into gated virtual worlds makes a lot of sense. If they can not win the hearts and minds of the unrewarded/uncivilised – then the wealthy can at least hide from them.

The reason housing estates became ghettos is the lack of any economic rationale to improve them. The 21st century mega tower must be self contained as that provides an internal economy. Add solar panels and we are seeing a model of energy sustainability.

Upward expansion is also limited but the ability to control environmental impact with an economic impetus to maintain it makes a whole lot of sense. A housing estate that could maintain its own medical facility, other common facilities, common security and agreed rules is a small village.

If we stop growing, towering communities becomes a logical way to withdraw our footprint on nature.