Syria shoots down Turkish jet

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Syria has shot down a Turkish jet without warning after the jet had allegedly entered Syrian airspace when it was flying low 1km off the coast. The Turkish government has vowed “necessary action” in response. Syria has issued some apologies … Continued

Nuclear Famine

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A limited exchange of nuclear weapons could kill a billion people in ensuing famines as the climate destabilises is the latest horror story about the greatest human mistake. Investing in racist murder. Genocide is the crime committed by any Government … Continued


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9 Feb AM – Homs The shelling of civilians by the Syrian Government forces is a civil war crack down by a brutal Ba’athist regime of Bashir al-Assad against a popular uprising in the Arab Spring. 9 Feb LATE – … Continued

Iran and the Bomb

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Excellent article about the Iranian point of view in The Guardian The logic of governmental terrorism against civilisation is a long and horrible history. It is not logical to hold humanity under threat, to hold all life under threat as … Continued

9/11 tapes

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The 9/11 tapes have been published in the NY Times. This is the Air Traffic Contollers interactions with the air hostess, the hijackers and the military, the shoot down order given after the four hijacked planes crashed. It is compelling … Continued

Korean Intervention

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Korea appears to be simmering and bristling with weapons and threat in the most sustained unresolved civil war that could it seems erupt into further provocations by the North and responses of increasing violence from the South. American forces intervened … Continued