Syria and Iraq

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In the New York Times, – it is evident that Syria has a large cachet of WMD.  Why?  Well Saddam’s stock must have gone somewhere when sabrés were rattled. Syria is all that is left of the common Ba-athist political party that … Continued

Political Evolution

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Politics needs evolution too. The US were way ahead of the game before GW Bush made the biblical error of declaring war on Iraq despite the evidence and spent the American economy into extraordinary debt compounded by fraud and banking … Continued

Red Alert

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Ever wonder how the ingenious Dept of Homeland Security Alert System of colour coded warnings was derived? Take a look at the linked movie. Click the title. It explains the design team’s philosophy and perhaps explains why the Dept of … Continued

Return to Democracy?

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House overturns Bush order on papers secrecy | Reuters At last, America is undoing legislation that GW Bush introduced back in 2001 to protect himself and past presidents from exposure by allowing them to keep their papers secret for ever. … Continued