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The Iran Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force, and whatever paramilitary organization that may exist in Iran were all influenced by the assassinated general Soleimani. Some of them directly depended upon his wisdom and strategy which appears to me to be … Continued

Iran Demonstrations

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Live Feed (or video of a live feed) from the Iran Election demostrations. Also see: Article: The Dictator The above article contains predictions. It was published 12 hours before this appeared (on my screen at least): UPDATE NY Times The … Continued


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If Hezbollah does imitate the Sunni radical militia (al Qaeda) and infiltrate socially rather than militarily could evolve as a likely strategy against the USA as they are being convinced by Dick Cheney to expect Iran to be attacked. The … Continued

No love lost

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Perhaps President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a little taken aback to be diminished by a university chancellor, no matter how qualified. It was an extraordinary snub on the face of it, a foreign President visits and instead of finding a path … Continued