Syria and Iraq

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In the New York Times, – it is evident that Syria has a large cachet of WMD.  Why?  Well Saddam’s stock must have gone somewhere when sabrés were rattled. Syria is all that is left of the common Ba-athist political party that … Continued

Ron Paul

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The most conservative politician in America is not a Tea Party irrationally motivated soccer mum. It is a rationalist who argued against the Iraq war, who predicted the Global credit meltdown. He also opposes welfare and taxation. In other words … Continued


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UK Police have had an EEC ruling against stop and search activities. In the meantime, a Muslim group has been denied their right of protest and have been labelled a terrorist group. This seems a popularist measure by the Brown … Continued

Iraq March

The march at Majaf instigated by the Sadrist Shiite majority demonstrated against the foreign forces occupying Iraq. The political capital enjoyed by Bush and Blair is evaporating rapidly. The naked ambition to control the world’s oil supply appears the apparent … Continued