Corona USA

I fear for the health of Americans. So quick to claim how perfect they are in their response to the pandemic, so harsh on the response of their rivals, so quick to shutter their borders, so lax in controlling the spread internally and the result of the President’s leadership?

Right-wing cult followers of the Trump philosophy would rather die trying to protect their economic isolationism by buying guns and breaking any lockdown than admit that they are powerless unless they protect each other. One guy claimed older people should go back to work so the economic future of their children should be protected. He obviously has not read Lord of the Flies.

American infection figures are rocketting and now there are more active cases in the USA than anywhere else, and soon the majority of active cases in the world will be in America. Soon it will be the land of the lockdown, and its lockdown will have to be about 3 – 6 months to isolate the virus. But the cult leader, Trump, will have to enact more draconian policy than China ever did, and sell it to his acolytes to prevent a looming catastrophe that could kill millions.

The number of deaths is creeping up, but the figure to watch is the number of serious cases, that is the load on the hospitals. it is about 2,000 yesterday and deaths are tracking at about 10% of that figure. Think about that, it is gruesome. With an average mortality of less than 5% that means that the serious cases will double in a few days. And it will continue to do that until the death rate is thousands per day. Maybe that will convince America that it has terrible leadership, the cult of personality, Trumpism, more concerned with numbers than lives. Trump makes North Korea look good.

The tragedy is that intelligent leadership has prevented more serious but less infectious diseases from going out of control. Obama would not have made these mistakes! And there would be a health system available for those who can not afford insurance.

Instead, Trump has run things down to extract profits. And here is the result: Corona America.

We predict the USA death rate will climb and become worse than Italy within two to four weeks. The number dying per day will climb faster than that. The rate of infection is already out of control and yet the President’s advisors seem to believe it is contained.

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