Democratic Evolution

The French Republic is democratic – like the Republic of India – meaning it has a large number of candidates standing for a multitude of views dictating self rule.

The English First Past the Post democratic method mean that the only way to be elected is to form a massive party to represents a trends of ideas – usually a serving one side of a dichotomy; which has evolved two vastly powerful parties that shun independent views to allow for domination by class – a pendulum swing between capital and labour – gradually alternating directions.

Asserting that the benefit of the populations’ final authority defeating a developing trend or the abuse of power or a developing ineffectualness of the best that one or the other of these schools of thinking can produce. When one is in power, the other is preparing a new batch of leaders.

Another form of government is the selective capitalism of China hardly benefiting a vast population of traditional self-sustaining farming. Ironically, it has evolved an extreme aristocracy – a bubbling caldron of capitalist ideals inside a massive feudal population that feeds itself.

The weakness that the traditional Westminster based Western Governments, (USA and UK) have is this modernist limited duality. If one side of the argument is correct, then every other is (with contempt) to be assumed incorrect. Limiting the potential for adaptation.

Proportional representation is a method that includes new voices into the management of the affairs of a country. The reason we maintain countries per se is that allows us to organise in different ways. War can be made a thing of the past by recognising that it is not race or even territory that makes wealth – all those are is the imposition of rule over people. Wealth is a measure of accumulated activity versus need.

We experiment to experience different forms of governance. Traditions are a part of this but without change and variety our national barriers remain economic barriers. War is the imposition of another system upon a population. It is bound to eventually fail as assimilation is a false objective – as we adapt to environments by necessity – that we adapt to ideology is not as efficacious in producing the spectrum of social norms – as is the necessity of getting on with those who live around you.

War imposes brute force and eradication. Democracy can evolve a stronger form of government.

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