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The Kucinich Plan For Iraq

On 8 January, 2007 Dennis Kucinich unveiled his comprehensive exit plan to bring the troops home and stabilize Iraq.[45] His plan includes the following steps:[46]
1. Announce that the US will end the occupation, close the military bases, and withdraw.
2. Announce that existing funds will be used to bring the troops and the necessary equipment home.
3. Order a simultaneous return of all U.S. contractors to the United States and turn over the contracting work to the Iraqi government
4. Convene a regional conference for the purpose of developing a security and stabilization force for Iraq.
5. Prepare an international security peacekeeping force to move in, replacing U.S. troops, who then return home.
6. Develop and fund a process of national reconciliation.
7. Restart programs for reconstruction and creating jobs for the Iraqi people.
8. Provide reparations for the damage that has been done to the lives of Iraqis.
9. Assure the political sovereignty of Iraq and ensure that their oil isn't stolen.
10. Repair the Iraqi economy.
11. Guarantee economic sovereignty for Iraq.
12. Commence an international truth and reconciliation process, which establishes a policy of truth and reconciliation between the people of the United States and Iraq.

Assume Al Gore is not going to run for President (although his short crop of films on CurrentTV look like the start of a campaign – outlining his positions on issues) – who is the closest candidate to him? It seems that on Iraq, Dennis Kucinich is closer to Al Gore and Barak Obama, than front runner Hilary appears to be. Kucinich includes reparations to the damage to the lives of the Iraqi people. One can be fairly sure that if the Kucinich plan were enacted, that Iraq would remember America as a good influence rather than the increasing acceptance that President Bush had it in for Iraq.

The wide range of issues represented at the Primaries stage of the American “system” is when democratic representation speaks more volumes as raw cash accessibility rather than the smarts of the individuals considered.

Radical change is unlikely in a country driven by vested interest. The United States of America will continue to have corrupted Presidential selection processes so long as they allow Diebold to measure the vote without a paper trail. It makes Watergate seem watertight.

One must admire aspects of conservative politics as it erupts across the world. It is halting progress here in Auckland as a new Right Wing mayor pulls the plug on sharing in the financial participation of the city in upgrading its own stadium for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Conservatives feel a right to their destiny even when morally bankrupt. But they are generally better at scandals. And under Helen Clark (who would also tend to agree with Kucinich on most issues) it has been rare for a juicy scandal to appear quite so often.

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