Funding Untruth

It is real nice to learn that Exxon Mobil has been funding “authorities” to create FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about the stark reality of climate change. Burning carbon is causing unusual growth in global warming which, if not reversed or at least limited – will cause untold damage to the future world. It is very irresponsible to keep at it, even after it is fully accepted that something has to be done to reduce pollution. The greatest gift of the Olympics being in Beijing is that no outdoor endurance or speed records are likely to be broken – it may be the most difficult games to breathe in since Mexico City – but that was due to elevation and low pressure making rapid breathing more difficult. Beijing has to virtually shut down (90% of its motor fleet are disabled for the games) in order to allow its think smogs to clear enough for the needs of performance athletes. If they become sick inhaling too much industrial level pollution, and can not compete, it may just convince the world that pollution is the real enemy of humans, that climate change disasters can be circumvented if we take pollution far more seriously. It is just as serious as climate change and global warming and will als kill us. Allowing the unrestrained growth of pollution is socially detrimental and false economics.

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