George Soros on Bush’s Latest Blunder

Bush’s Latest Blunder |

Latest blunder, today’s latest blunder, at least. By the time you are reading this, he may have remained in office another day, and that would now(then) be his latest blunder. For a man who got reelected president this man (Bush) seems to make far too many gross misjudgements about what to do with the extraordinarily abnormal disease we call “The Middle East”.

For Bush, it seems the problem is that Palestine is not a democracy as the Hamas party is not permitted to take power when they won the majority of the votes. Part of the solution to war and displacement is to share political responsibility for the consequences. Instead, by refusing Hamas any authority, Bush is inflicting his own belief system upon the democracy that voted them in. I am not saying they should have won power, but George Soros points out in his article how the West ensured that Hamas had to win the election, making Fatah unelectable. The Western ideal of democracy is tainted by the authority of yesterday’s thinkers. That has made intellectual fascism popular in America.

For America, it seems that the problem is they vote in the wrong Presidents. It is a false democracy led by a demogogue who believes he is right, down to the last bullet, down to the last man – which he logically assumes must be himself. President Bush has no idea what to do with Iraq. The troups are making a difference, and may win the war. But one has to then consider what is left. It needs to be a society. America used to be one of those.

For Arabs consider the problem “started” when Israel was established. Actually, it was the fall of the Arabian empire that formed the modern shape of the world and created this entity known as “The Middle East”. Collectivisation of communities is supposed to bring toleration but when those communities have established a history of killing each other, separation may be beneficial to stop violence occurring as normality in the lives of children who grow up and become what the West blindly sticks a big label on: “Terrorists”. The label is propaganda. It is a fiction. A bedtime story gone terribly wrong. Children who are damaged by war end up knowing how to do little else. Their minds are ruined.

For Israelis, it started 5,000 years ago when they were enslaved and persecuted. How many generations of children are scarred by that fact?

The only solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is to allow civilization to develop around the children. Perhaps it is not segration of the various Semite sects.

The solution is the segregation of children from war.

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