The world is beset by the greed and controlling desires of a few individuals who think that can out to apportion wealth in a way they see fit. Their old school class of agreements and bankers secrets became less relevant in a world where billionaires appear in increasing numbers and wealth is no longer an exclusive privilege of the “major powers” but other emerging powers appear flexing new found muscle to show their credentials for the privilege club. The obvious candidate is Iran – huge resources and a large civilization, oil is not the only product of Persian fame. President Ahmadinejad is attempting to curry favour with the West world while celebrating Holocaust denial. Those who could sympathise with a progressive Iran trust it not that much less than America. Such ideas appear to inflame the Right. Being unable to contemplate alternatives gives one a very fixed view of the future. Slavery is the sublimination of a person’s will to that of another. Both sides view the other as wrong and heretical. The answer to the Shia Sunni conflict is to stop the killing. This is best achieved via security and education, rather than bombs and hunting down young men.

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