Hell bound economy

Understanding the economic crisis is not that easy.  How can bankers pay themselves millions in bonuses.  How can we pay Mark Zukerberg 16 billion for his website creation, Facebook?  We did.  That is why he got double just a few weeks ago what is now worth 8 billion dollars – so where did all that cash go?  It went into his pocket.

It went to pay the people who’s stock went up, that is the beauty of a market – it revolves money around in transactions – it is the ammunition of the economy that is fired actively in an economy that functions.  When bits of it start to fall off, especially the productive bits that enable the lives of millions of workers up and down the country we have unemployment and pointlessness instead of enterprise and pupose.

Why involve the lumbering unresponsive state with responsibility if the private sector has so spectacularly failed with it, why does the state believe it can do better, you hear the beautiful quitters – the image queens who tread on the political nerve of being liked while talking the talk.

Now why is that such a bad thing?  One hears the question.

Why is it a good thing.  To be controlled by a peacock.  Would a stern eagle or a severe buzzard not product better results?

Capitalism is not about theft.  It is about the flow of money towards enterprise and the growth of that which helps a large number of lives.  Enriching individuals as Facebook launch obviously has, is really not the intention of capitalism.

This modern drain on the finances have to go somewhere, and reflect the devaluation of the British economy that the Conservatives and Lib Dems have dictated without a public mandate.  And their enforced austerity is a given insofar as their idea of how to make things improve seems to be fixed, uncompromising even in the face of a triple dip recession.


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