9 Feb AM – Homs

The shelling of civilians by the Syrian Government forces is a civil war crack down by a brutal Ba’athist regime of Bashir al-Assad against a popular uprising in the Arab Spring.

9 Feb LATE – UPDATE: The slaughter continues.

“The patterned plastic sheets the medics had placed on the floor were slick with blood and iodine as more and more war wounded were brought in by their colleagues.” – The Guardian

10 Feb AM – MORE: Obama.

Obama speaks out against outrageous bloodshed as 100 people are confirmed dead due to the military slaughter by the Syria Armed forces attacking its own citizens.

President Bashir al-Assad’s acts of genocide to suppress a viable opposition to his rule. This kind of act usually results in a more widespread and more determined underground effort. Al-Assad appears to suffer the same delusions that George Bush did – that hard assault will quell an enemy when the reverse is true.

Any appeal to the humanity of the situation is lost under the rain of rockets. Al-Assad has shown the world that he is a dangerous criminal and nobody welcomes a war criminal.

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