Iraq Expels Blackwater Security

Iraq Expels American Security Firm | World Latest | Guardian Unlimited

The Iraqi government sits up and pays attention. A military contractor Blackwater is in Iraq on protection detail to protect diplomatic personnel in Iraq. In one operation, eight Iraqi were shot after a car bomb attack. This presents a major problem to American negotiation efforts. How to ferry diplomats around without security? The army will have to do it, and that means more diplomatic attacks. Perhaps peace envoys from the UN would be less prone to be attacked.

This could spell the beginning of the actual end of US occupation in Iraq. One hopes that the Iraqi Government knows what it is going to do, but sometimes removing the viper from the nest makes for happier children, it certainly adds to the responsibility of the Al-Maliki government.

The use of mercenaries or professional soldiers and security in Iraq has a different set of accountability rules than soldiers. If they kill, they are civilians and could be held to account. Their firm will have to compensate victim families. This event is horrific, however the Iraqi response is the response any sane government would take to protect their sovereign rights.

You can’t have a bunch of cowboys wreaking havoc in the street.

Now, what the heck is the US going to do about it?

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