Where is the turning point? This horrific war unleashed by unlocking the balancing act of powerful opposing forces that was held in place through ruthless acts by the leadership of Iraq, Iran and of course Saudi Arabia. Israel bristles with aggressive potential, is not the central problem of the region. It is the undeclared war between the Saudi Arabs and Iran. It is a war between ancient and modern in the Islamic context.

9/11 was a surprise to the world due to the apparent dislocated logic of attacking world trade most of the world saw Osama bin Laden as insane by Western standards, Bush thought it better to call his actions evil. But George Bush remains a political knave on a world stage dominated by the singular nature of the Osama bin Laden message, which was remove American military power from Saudi Arabia. George Bush blundered into Iraq, as he was destined to, and that has validated Osama’s propaganda, “Look how destructive and evil America is”, he can now say.

In other words, Bush’s military strategy in Iraq is a fatal mistake, and this is finally becoming apparent to the rest of us. Now invading Afghanistan was on the cards – toppling one of the most evil and repressive regimes (The Taleban) and the world was richer for it. The result of the war in Iraq is a less safe world than it would have been if a few hanging chads had mattered more in Florida six years ago.

George Bush has become the problem by buying into a argument best left to those having it to sort out. Now how can he escape becoming the peace maker? He has no option but to negotiate but the stance he is taking with Iran could lead to further pointless confrontation.

The ramifications of Iran controlling the entire oil rich region because military might does not work against a population that’s antipathetic to it’s political goals are immense.

9/11 unbalanced the balancing act allowing the Right to dominate intelligent objections from both sides of the political spectrum. It is not that it is not a “just war”, it is that it is not a war that achieves anything. It just has made the power conflict between opposing parties more acute. This could be seen before Iraq was invaded. That it would always result in opening the book of revenge as it has in Gaza.

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